Hey little fighter,

I see that you're holding

your handy little lighter.

Give me your razors,

now darling,

lift up your sleeves,

yes, darling,

your scars will stay

but the bruises will

soon go away.

Now please eat,

because darling you're

worth something to me.

Look in the glass,

angel don't smash the mirror,

look at your beauty

that's oh so clear.

Give me your pain,

darling you're okay,

if not today,

maybe another day.

Hey, little fighter,

wipe your eyes!

Darling, I hear

your soundless cries.

Angel, please.

You're worth so much more

than calling yourself a whore.

Darling, hand it over.

You don't need the glass.

The pain you're feeling,

I promise, it won't last.

Hey, little fighter!

Lift your sleeves.

Your scars will stay,

but the bruises will leave.