We are god,

We decide what is justice,

And what is evil,

So when you worship God,

Do you worship yourself?

As the tragedies is this world transpire,

Do we blame it upon our god?

Or do we blame it upon ourselves?

And as the glories of the world awaken,

It is wholly and completely God's gracious fault.

So as we live,

We massively discredit ourselves,

For the beauties we create,

Or the aberrations we design,

Life is a mechanism.

We are each a moving part,

It the steam engine called the world.

Shuffling and moving,

The hands of retribution,

But we never counted for the hands to die.

And as the hands of rebirth wither,

The true ambition dies,

And so do we,

As we are cursed into fall into a slumber,

Where we will decay.

So when we die, with God within us,

And vigilance for humanity becomes void,

Is there no heaven for the supreme to go?

To be left alone to burn?

Yes, to left alone to burn, as God is no different than us.