I say your name over and over again in my head. I say it aloud, softly, a hushed whisper, a note of seduction. Fascination, and awe. How could such a beautiful being exist? I look past your flaws and all I see is your beauty.

Cradle you in my arms because you are the most beautiful woman I've ever encountered.

You sit across me. I see you smiling from the corner of my eye.

You are amused, aren't you?

You watch me fumble for words. And I smile coyly because I'm trying to avoid the questions. Hide and seek. That's what we're all playing at the moment, aren't we? I always hide, and I've never lost before. My eyes dart across the room wildly, searching for something to focus on. A little distraction.

I can't bring myself to look you in the eye. How could I?

I am not worthy.