Anger makes people say the craziest things. Just one such crazy statement can send you spiralling into the depths of feeling too much, too deeply. It is when tears are streaming down your face uncontrollably that you realise how savage and limitless emotions are. You lie in bed thinking of all the words that were exchanged, wired accusations and sincere apologies. Ricocheting between feeling like the shittiest piece of shit and feeling absolutely nothing at all. Logic and rational kick in not long after. Constantly being unsure of what your desires truly are, only knowing that wherever you are and whatever it is that you do, you want to be (self-)validated and content. As someone rather detached, there are few things that can actually shake you, or make you feel like your world is crumbling down and falling apart even if it's for a split second. Spot a crack in it and watch as it sends quakes down the core of your soul. You tremble and cry and hate and feel like fuck all over again and try to contain it but emotion spills forth into the abyss like a flood sent to drown a new-born.

So you felt like shit. And now, you don't. You are alive and you feel things. And that's all that matters.