Why fight when everything's such a bloody battlefield? If I swallow enough blood, will it stop spurting out of the wounds? These wounds are raw and they scream on my behalf. I have masking tape on my mouth but my silence is deafening. Can you hear it? You hear, but do you listen? Listen to me. I am lost and I don't have a map. Maps are supposed to provide you with directions, help you find a way, but I can't map out the workings of my mind. My mind is a terrifying place and my dreams are dark and scary. I tried to run away and into my dream, I found myself. Why is it that we only find ourselves after we first lose ourselves? What if I don't want to be found? What if I am trying to conceal something? What if I am trying to pretend to conceal something? I am a persona. NO. I am something else, something more. Yet, we are all frauds waiting to be discovered. It is so easy to wander behind the mask, never to come out.