To the theme of "Mockingbird Lullaby." I haven't really tried it out as a lullaby on anybody yet, but my guinea pig seems to like the Hearse Song.

This is sort of like the Hearse Song.

Have you ever heard of the Boogie Man?

He'll eat your guts, he truly can!

What about ghouls?

Those awesome ghouls, that steal your souls

And fly away into the desert sky.

How about UFOs, who fly so high?

Beaming up your loved ones to the night.

How bout' vampires who suck your blood,

And leave your corpse to rot in the mud.

Speaking of corpses, how is yours?

Entrails leading worms on very long tours

Throughout your body, they will eat,

All of your organs and your meat

But it's okay little one, don't you cry,

For this is my version of a lullaby

You will be safe now, don't you see?

We are the monsters, you and me.

So it's okay little one don't you cry,

This is our species' lullaby . . . .