Just turn around,
You say,
Just walk away,
Leave you alone.
When your heart
You're lost,
And you can't
Find your way out.
To be alone,
Is that what you want?
Leave me alone,
You plead.

But I won't do it,
Leave you alone.
You know that,
I know you do.

You can
Push me away,
Tell me
You're fine,
You're happy.
Tell me
I'm wrong
They just aren't tears.
But look me in the eyes
As you say it,
Just go ahead and try.
And when your eyes
Refuse to meet mine,
Tell me
It's just silly,
Or nothing at all.
Just go ahead,
Lie straight to my face.

But I won't do it,
Leave you alone,
You know very well
That I can't.

You can try a little smile,
Pretend everything's alright.
It's a fine mask,
I must say,
It'll fool a great many,
But it's useless to me.
You can try and lie,
Just go right ahead,
But I know you're in pain,
I see it in that "smile,"
It just doesn't quite reach
Those beautiful eyes.

Now hide your face
Pretend I won't see.
Tell me
You don't need me,
You don't want me
To see you this way.

But I won't do it,
Leave you alone.
'Cause I know you,
You don't want me to go.
You want me right here,
You just won't admit
You can't do it alone.

This pain of yours
It's killing me.
Just please,
Let me take it
Let me take it
From you.
Or you could
Give me half,
At the very least.
You just can't
Have it all,
You know that's
Just greedy,
And you know
I'd never let you.
So, please
Just let me
Wrap my arms
Safely around you,
Let the pain flow
Through you
And straight into me.

But I won't do it,
Leave you alone.
You wouldn't do it,
Leave me alone.
So go ahead
And ask me to
Leave you alone,
Just don't expect
That I'll obey
'Cause I won't do it,
Leave you alone.

And if you don't
Want me
To hold you,
If you don't want
To feel me
With you,
Then I will sit
On the edge
Of your bed,
Or stand
At the other end
Of the room.
I really don't mind.

But I won't
I can't
Leave you alone.
Even if I have to
Wait outside your door,
I'd stay there all night,
I'd do anything,
To just let you know
I'm here.
Even if I have to stay
All night,
All week,
All year.
Even if it takes a lifetime,
I won't leave you
Not like this,
Not when you're
Falling apart.

No matter what you say,
No matter what you do,
No matter the time,
No matter the place.
I just won't do it,
Leave you alone.

I'm sorry,
Truly, I am,
But I love you
Too much.
And it's just
One thing
I can't do
Not for you.

You said it to me once
Well now it's my turn
And I won't
Leave you alone
Until you feel better,
No matter how long it takes.