Enchanting, mesmerizing, hypnotic obsidian orbs.

With the simplest of connections, barely a thread, eyes locked on each other, she tangled me up in her spell.

Yet, we were each a hostage to the other.

Me, an insect stuck within her chaotic hair.

Her, a fish trapped in my fisherman's net.

We had caught each other in a deadly grip, neither of us entirely sure about whether we should rescue or kill the other.

And suddenly I was drowning.

As a child, I was taught not to love the sea, but not to fear it either.

I was taught to hate it.

My father was, and still is, a bitter man and I grew up without a mother, which is the reason for his disdain towards the sea.

But like many other things that we are told to believe, you cannot be forced to hate something you do not hate, and you cannot be forced to love something you do not love.

But like many romances, I must conceal my love for the sea.

In the year of my twenty-third birthday, my father is going to take me hunting for the first time.

I'm don't want to be one, I can't live as a mermaid hunter.

The closest I'll be is being The Mermaid Hunter's Son.

This is the start of my new story, The Mermaid Hunters Son.

A warning in advance, chapters will be fairly short, but they will get longer.