Bright lights and fireworks could do the trick for me
When in the time of my ending, where things of my worth stop progressing,
I would wish for love and time to pause to genuflect,
To render my soul sincerity, to lead death to me indirect

Make my vineyard bloom in the winter,
Daisies and roses and all of the pretty flowers
Make the butterflies hover around my grace
And make utter all the fancy words in front of my casket's lace

Force the sun to rise in the sunset
Let the light, upon my remains, be still and rest
Play me an arpeggio the would be of my liking,
Tell me a lie that would not be so flattering

I have wished for love a million times
But I have failed a hundredfold
I cared less for all those attempts by heart,
For it has grown in my memory distant, blurry and cold

Praise me of the things I didn't do
Believe me for the things that weren't true
Again, tell me a story that would tickle my interest,
Fool me of the things that I created for a jest.

On my wake, on the last day of my funeral,
Leave the lights on for I don't want darkness
Tell the tale of my existence the worth of it all,
For this shall be the theme of my wishful ending: bright lights and fireflies to light up the day of my peers' grieving.