There's a lot that comes and go when I think
But there is one that crosses every corner of my intrigue.
Too deep for me to explore, I fear I might sink,
Oh, what the heck! I'll take my chances, I'll enter this league.

There's a lot I want to do and a lot I want to be
Being them, doing them, I won't depend on luck alone
The course is hard but I'll make sure everyone will see
The man I'll become, when my dreams and reality become as one.

Visions of the future, tales of the past,
I'll make them all sincere and true.
The stories I'll tell, I'll make them all last
I'll seek to die a happy death, I'll seek to make you all smile, too.

I'll go and get the gold, but I swear I won't bargain my soul
I'll do better, I know, even without it
Towards the end and upon reaching my goals,
I'll never forget the ones who helped me, no not one bit.

Let's shout a joyous strain and work hard for what we want.
For all the things missing in sight, all we shall seek.
To stop, to cease, there's no room for we can't.
Luck is needed, but remember, luck alone is weak.