I counted the sheep and wondered
What fool of a man is the shepherd
To let one by one jump a lamp
From the ground, over a fence
I see them and I could harbor no sense.

Puzzled, I think oft,
If I shall go and speak with the shepherd,
Will it bring me peace
Or just feigned knowledge?

One day, I saw him in a robe so white
He flashed a bearded grin to my eyes
As he looked at me he pointed yonder
I looked and could see nothing
Perhaps I was wrong, I look wither
Slim, pointed fingers point,
To where the vector of his nail toil.

I ran to him and asked
Where was he directing my sight
Then I smiled a humble mask
Though what he said was not of my delight.

With his staff he hit my head
I screamed and cursed all obscenities I could shed,
"I'm sorry for you that wasn't meant,
And it's not like me to play pretend.
I just wanted to hit you in the head
To make sure you have one,
Not to your death be sent."

I rose up and went home
To rest and pass the time alone
I'll dream that I shall never forget
This senseless encounter of the shepherd who hit my head.