I've spent another sleepless night
Wishing for my dreams and reverie would easily part
My aching head for it flashes pictures,
Maybe it wishes me to stop pursuing all my endeavors.

I'm not anxious, I'm not insecure
But there things that wrestles my mind to give in.
I've been lied, spit on and now I'm unsure
Of the things my eyes have been seeing.

If you were a lie, then I'm happy to be deceived,
Lead me far away from the truth.
Honestly, I like your style, sincere and pure,
My heart, I wonder of the ways you've planned for its capture.

Your small eyes, your alluring smile,
Where did you get it? How could you be so perfect?
Your voice, those words seem to have notes,
A lullaby to my ears, or so that's what I thought.

Your face, I wonder how long the angels must've carved it.
Surely you must know how many wrists have been slit
When they fail to have you as their bride,
Or when they can't even be permitted to stand a while by your side.

I have nothing to prove to you
But there are these words that I so long to say.
So please, lend me your ears and a little bit of your time.
I know I'm not worthy but this just can't wait.

Corners are my home. I have been locked there all the time.
How could you, I wonder, do that, to make me dream about you?
Enough isn't enough when I don't see your smile. Zealous to say this, I know what fool I am.
Kisses, I wonder to whom would you give yours first if not yet given,
Ah yes, you're beautiful, you make me dream and fall.