People die every day in the sinister cruel game of life. From it either by mauling, living a fast, adrenaline fueled life, or losing what you love most. Every now or then we have all thought about dying, but to stare death in eyes at the most unexpected time ever was just wrong. I had finally gotten what I truly desired, and life was seeming perfect. Then it was ripped from my hands and heart, as I gazed into the eyes of pure evil.

The monster turned it's ugly head towards me, I could feel my impending death drawing closer. To die by hands of this monster would be horrible, yet somehow noble. I was dieing to save me friends and family. There was nothing they could do to stop me, and I was glad. I stood before the beast arms wide open to accept my death. He smirked proud of himself, a needle in his hand, and video camera in the other. I closed my eyes to await for my death.