I can guarantee you one thing.

You don't see the world like I do.

If you did, you would never tease me for going on about one thing for hours at a time. You wouldn't be surprised that I can remember practically anything. And you most definitely wouldn't have labeled me an outcast by the age of five.

But you did. So I know I'm different from the rest of you.

The rest of you have friends. You like to go to the mall, and to school dances and sporting events. You count any outsiders as "weird" and "crazy."

I assure you. I am neither one of those.

I'm just different.

I once heard a song called Different. It was in the school play this year, called Honk! jr. The two people who sang it had from October to March to practice, but they still didn't remember the words. But after attending just a week of rehearsals to help with lighting, I had memorized the whole song, word for word, much better than the two boys.

And this isn't the only time this kind of thing has happened. Throughout my whole life, I have had this inexplicable skill when it comes to memorizing series of words. From five verses of the Iliad, one of the Aeneid, three of The Raven, three of O Captain! my Captain! and countless chapters of books, whatever I see on a printed page is commonly stuck forever in my brain.

But it was only this past summer when all of my skills and weaknesses came together and showed that I had Asperger's syndrome. Autism. But even that didn't explain much. So I've done my own research. And there is just one word that glares back at me. A single word which describes my mental movies, extremely fast reading, and shocking memory.

I believe myself to be a Savant.

I hope to be able to share some of the extraordinary events which made up my early life, and have made me who I am today. This story will be my first true exploration of how others think, especially in comparison with myself.

I am open to any thoughts and questions anyone may have. Though I am no expert, I am still a fairly good source of information, as I have read many articles about the topics which I have mentioned.

So please, ask away. And yes, I know you will ask me: do I really think in words?

Yes. It just so happens that I do.