"Are you serious?" Cassie shouts at the entire class. "Are you going to pretend you didn't just see that? You can't tell me it's not Chiya's fault this time." Niki tugs at her sleeve, trying to make her sit down while Suigi and Deki rush over to check Neli's pulse.

"Well I can't feel sorry for her after what happened with Nao," Piru whispers to Mana. "She poisoned her own lunch. This seems more like an attempt at suicide."

Mana nods in response. "I'm not planning on telling the teachers anything."

"Telling us what?" a group of teachers, including Mr. Read enter the room at the same time. "How did I know this would happen? From now on I will sit in the class with you, making sure you all eat your lunch in silence." The rest of the class glares at Chiya while Suigi and Deki carry Neli between their shoulders. "Typical," their teacher turns to his group. "They are more concerned with their gossip than their friend."

"Damn it, why aren't they doing anything?" Neli yells out loud.

"You have no room to talk," scoffs Nao.

"Oh, what do you know? You're only on her side cuz you like her."

"Actually I'm on her side because you stabbed me."

Neli sinks back into a corner, hiding behind Eita. "I just wanted… I didn't mean to…" she sputters meaninglessly while Akio walks to the center of the room.

"All right people, place your bets. Who do you think is going down next?"

Machi clenches his fist while gritting his teeth. "I'm definitely gonna punch him," he mutters to himself.

"Don't go near her no matter what," Hika warns Mitoka.

"But we're her only friends. Shouldn't we do something?"

"Technically she did that to Neli on purpose!" she snaps.

"I don't understand. Would everyone have been perfectly happy if things had gone her way? Would anyone complain if Chiya was the one that swallowed the poison? What did she use as poison anyway? Where does a fifteen year old get poison around here?"

"It probably was just a pesticide she mixed in with the meat. It wasn't very effective no matter how fast it took effect."

"I would really like to know where you learned so much about poison, Hika."

Chiya stares down at her desk, breathing heavily. Her heart is pounding from the rush of the struggle. She digs around in her pocket for Kana's picture again. She clenches it to her chest while whispering, "Kana, help. I'm no longer just cursing people, I'm actually hurting them. What should I do?"

She walks through the classroom door, passing Deki on his way back from helping Suigi carry Neli downstairs. At the end of the hall she can see a group of rowdy students from class 1-B surrounding and shoving Suigi. She glances back towards Deki but he has already disappeared into the classroom. She sprints down the hall before skidding to a halt in front of the group.

A large boy, whom she knows from the rugby team, has flipped Suigi over, hanging him out an open window. Another team member, less fat but just as tall, taps him on the shoulder when he notices Chiya. "Look, it's that girl he mentioned."

"The one who curses everyone around her?" the large boy asks.

"Yeah, that's the one. We better get out of here." He quickly backs away from Chiya, tripping over the large boy's leg causing him to slip. He lets go of Suigi's ankles to catch himself on the window sill.

Suigi grabs the window but it snaps out of the frame as he does. The large boy grabs the other end while shouting, "Hold on!" Suigi nods desperately as his fingers begin to sweat, slipping off the glass. The large boy drops the window while turning to his friend. "Let's get out of here!" Chiya pushes her head out the window in time to hear Suigi scream as he hits the ground with a crunch causing her to wince. Mara, Niki, Cassie, and an extremely pale girl with flowing black hair like Kana's except a bit more stringy named Shiraiyuki are all gathered below.

"Oh my god," Cassie shouts. "She's at it again!" Niki and Mara rush over to help Suigi up. His body is limp and Chiya can't tell if he is conscious from the third floor. "If we don't get out of here, we'll be next!" Cassie continues.

Shiraiyuki glances up at Chiya while squinting her eyes. She glares at her until Chiya pulls her head back inside.

"I can't believe this!" yells Suigi. "Don't they know anything? She just happened to be there! I bet she was even trying to help me!"

"You are absolutely right," nods Machi in a condescending tone while patting him on the shoulder. He then walks over to the wall and presses his face against it the same way Kana did before.

"Don't be so nice to her," warns Kana. "She has only just begun to understand."

"What is wrong with you?" Suigi mutters to himself while shoving his hands into his pockets and hiding his face under his bangs and collar again.

Suddenly Machi falls forward out of the room causing the rest of the occupants to gasp. Mitoka is splashing water on his face in the boy's bathroom. As he looks up his reflection in the mirror changes until he can see Machi standing in front of him. "You know you're next," Machi whispers. "You have to stop her before it's too late." Mitoka punches the mirror just as Machi vanishes from sight. "Hey Akio, I want to place my next bid on Chiya," he says while walking back through the transparent wall of the white room.

"Have you no shame?" yells Nao.

"I need an edge. Do you know how many choices there are? Give me a break."

"I can't take this anymore!" screams Eita from his corner where he and Neli are occupying two of the beds. "When did we all become so petty?"

"Me too, I've had enough. How do we get out of here?" she yells in agreement.

Machi and Nao both snicker at her hypocrisy. Akio makes a loud sound by clearing his throat, catching everyone's attention. "I think I can do this," he mutters while raising his hand in the air.

"Do what? What are you trying to do?" Neli complains. Akio ignores her, keeping his gaze fixed on Eita. He waves his hand at him with a sweeping motion. The occupants of the room stare in silence as Eita begins to fall backwards. He hits the corner of the wall as it turns transparent again.

Neli grabs his hand as he starts to fall through but it slips between her fingers. "What did you do?" Neli demands while turning back to Akio with tear filled eyes.

"He woke up," Akio states calmly.

"What do you mean by that?" asks Nao.

"He won a bet, so I think he deserves the right."

"How come you get to decide?" argues Machi. "Who made you leader?"

"I was born the leader. If you don't like it then do something about it." Machi folds his arms while grumbling.

"Woke up? Does that mean this is all a dream?" asks Neli.

"Look outside." Akio motions to the wall. Neli presses her face against it, peering out and down into intensive care unit at the hospital where the teacher has driven all of the injured students.

"Where am I?" Eita mutters while trying to lift his head.

"Don't move," a nurse with a clipboard advises him. "You had an accident at school."

"I know, Akio told me."

She glances nervously over at the first bed in the ward where Akio is lying in a full body cast. "He hasn't woken up at all since he was admitted. Neither have any of the others." She motions to the rest of the injured students from class 1-A. "You're the first one to recover, but you must lie still. We won't be able to remove your neck brace for at least a week."

"But I have to do something," he mutters, "Something important."

"Well you can't do it now. Just try to rest."

"How do I wake up?" Neli demands.

"You have to win a bid like he did," Akio answers smugly. Neli grits her teeth while turning back to her corner.