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Too Dark to See

Formerly "Never the Same"

By Averick

Warnings: This story may contain violent content and graphic scenes, prejudices, and potential slashy goodness, not sure yet. Also, mentions of genocide and other violent acts. As of right now it's rated T. If that's not your glass of pineapple juice, please return to the fridge and try again.

~Chapter One~

Killings Like These

They came out of nowhere.

As a werewolf, Ren prided himself on the fact he wasn't easily taken by surprise, but he didn't smell anything out of the ordinary, or hear anything.

Then those humans came and half of his group was gone just like that. A neighborhood patrol was suddenly a fatal move and he was splattered with the blood of his fellow werewolves who had been killed, their heads chopped off, bodies severed and mutilated, sliced into several pieces by normal humans who had swooped in without warning.

Even though they were normals - the term used to describe humans and mortals - they were fast and well organized. They knew exactly what they were doing, and even though Ren managed to take out a few of them, they were outnumbered and surrounded. Four werewolves were already taken down by the time he was able to blink and only three remained, himself included, and they were now surrounded by about ten norms.

"Seth," Ren hissed at one of the other two standing werewolves who stood next to him, "what the hell? I thought you said no one was here!"

Seth had scouted ahead with Joseph - who was down slain on the ground in a pool of his own hot, dead blood - earlier and had said nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary. Ren didn't really blame Seth because he himself hadn't sensed anything either, but still. In the heat of the moment, he was just shouting whatever came to mind as they were backed up against the wall, the humans coming toward them with those sharp and bloodied blades. Ren already knew they deftly knew how to use them.

"I did," Seth snarled back viciously. "I even-"

Whatever he was about to say next was ripped from his mouth by a blade slicing through the skin of his chest. A low growl tore from his throat as he lunged at the human cutting through him but many more just replaced that wounded normal. There were too many of them - sure the vampires were stronger but these humans knew what they were doing and they had them backed into a bloody corner. They were at the end of a dark alley against a wall with no way out, and Ren was sure they were going to die.

The humans were using blades, but not just any blades. Blades dipped in silver. Silver didn't kill them, but it drastically slowed down the healing process, which proved fatal when the wounds inflicted were so severe.

Seth died about a minute later. Ren tried to reach him in time but he was too far away, just an arm's length away really, but too far away to stop the blade from cutting the werewolf's heart from his chest and the body dropped to the ground before he could do anything. Ren was slammed against the wall, growling and snarling as the blades turned on him and the other werewolf who was wounded but still fighting, a tough woman named Kelley. She busied herself with clawing at the faces of those coming toward her but her arms were sliced and diced and she was fading. They both were. It wouldn't be long now.

And the humans thought the werewolves were the problem? Werewolves hadn't been the ones to corner humans in an alley and murder them. No, it was the other way around.

The blade aimed easily at Ren's throat. Ren could feel it hot against his skin, already pressing down to kill him. He snarled and slashed at the human armed with the blade but more came at him.

"Whoa, hey, what's all this?" a voice broke through the violence and the humans all turned - well, most of them. The ones with the blades held to Ren and Kelley's throats stayed put and ready to kill while the others moved to see who had spoken. Ren allowed his gaze to wander toward where the voice was coming from, wondering if it was friend or foe. It certainly didn't smell like a werewolf, but then again, all he could smell was the scent of these vile humans and the blood of his fallen comrades.

A young man stood at the entrance of the alley, looking down toward them. He looked too tan to be a vampire. It wasn't like he looked like a sun magnet, just that had actually been in the sun for a bit and vampires generally weren't, so that was out. He didn't smell like a werewolf, so that was out, too. Sharp green eyes assessed the situation and an easy grin slid across his face. His tawny-colored hair dipped down around his eyes, giving him a bit of a mysterious vibe.

He walked casually toward them, his hands held up to show that he wasn't a threat, but the look hidden in his eyes told Ren otherwise. Ren narrowed his own eyes at the intruder. Friend or foe? He wondered.

"Who the hell are you?" one of the humans snapped.

"Just a concerned citizen," the guy replied with a small shrug, a lazy roll of his shoulders. He looked down at the ground, at the dead bodies and blood, and then at the blades clasped in the humans' hands, before his gaze finally landed on Ren. "So, killin' werewolves, I take it?" He kept his gaze focused on Ren as he spoke. Ren frowned at him, wondering just what was going on.

"They don't deserve to live with us," another human spat distastefully as though the thought were a sin.

The guy paused and shrugged. "I take it you've been watching Judge Donaldson."

"You bet your ass we have," yet another man said. "He's the only one o' them people talkin' any sense! We gotta get rid of all these supernaturals!"

Ren had heard of Judge Donaldson. He, of course, was a judge who appeared frequently on talk shows to discuss his hatred for the supernatural creatures and how he thought they should be taken care of. Harsh words, but since the United States prided itself as a nation of free speech, nothing he said was illegal. He could spew all the harsh words he wanted. But these people went out and did what he said. They weren't the only ones.

"Well, if that's how you feel about it," the new guy said, "I won't stop you. However, I do feel inclined to tell you that this is not the way to go about it."

"What do you mean?"

"It's messy. Look at this bloody mess you've made! How are you going to clean it up? While I don't think the police like the supernaturals any more than you do, I don't think they condone murder in dark alleys. Just a wild guess on my account, though."

There was a bit of hushed mumbling from the normals. Ren kept his gaze narrowed at the new guy. Kelley was watching him from her position next to Ren.

"Well what do you suggest?" one of the humans asked the new guy.

The green-eyed guy shrugged. "I know a warehouse not far from here. Why don't you let me take these two there while you guys clean up this mess? I've been killin' wolves for a while now, trust me, they won't get away." His smile was easy and sincere.

"I want some of my guys with you," one of the humans said, and Ren guessed they were in charge of this little massacre. Ren did not like the way things were turning out.

"Fine. But only two. My truck is only so big. And I want the wolves alive on the way to the warehouse, understand?"


"I don't like this," Kelley whispered to Ren.

Ren grunted in reply, the blade still pressed tight against his throat.

The warehouse was dark. That was the first thing Ren noticed about it. His hands were held behind his back with chains - large, thick chains that weighed him down. He couldn't break them and had tried multiple times to do so. Maybe he could if given a proper chance but every time he so much as tugged at them more than twice, there was a blade at his throat and a whispered threat in his ear. Kelley was in much the same boat as she was shoved forward next to him. There was a human holding onto Ren's arm, armed with a blade, and one next to Kelley. The green-eyed guy - Ren didn't know for sure if he was normal or supernatural or whose side he was on or what kind of game he was playing - led the way.

"Alright, just drop 'em, I guess," the guy said casually as he turned. His eyes locked with Ren's and he did something he hadn't done before - he actually winked. He winked and then sprung into action the moment the human shoved Ren to his knees.

The blade went flying across the ground as the guy's knee collided with the human's gut. The second human left Kelley to help his comrade and swung his blade expertly at the green-eyed guy's head. Ren opened his mouth to at least give a warning, but the guy seemed to have it handled because he suddenly rounded and kicked his leg out, knocking the guy's feet from under him. The second blade went flying across the ground as well.

Ren gave a sharp tug at the chains but nothing happened. Kelley moved toward him and, back to back, they helped each other out of the chains. Now freed, they moved toward the humans who were diving toward the blades. They picked up the blades and spun to find the green-eyed guy standing with Ren and Kelley.

The guy grinned. "Really? Two against three. It's not that fair. Then again, you guys certainly weren't fair in the alley, were ya? About ten of ya against two."

Ren snarled and moved forward to attack them and kill them as they had done so many of his kind already tonight, but the guy held out an arm and swatted his shoulder, stopping him with a scowl.

"Let 'em live," the guy said. "We're not murderers, are we? However, I do think we should tie them up and get the hell out of here before their many friends show up."

Ren stared at the guy. "Just who the hell are you?" he asked, because he wanted to know. First he'd thought the guy was working with the normals and he and Kelley were going to get killed, but then it had all changed, and now he was going to let these murdering humans live?

"Call me Adam," the guy said with a shrug. "It's easier that way." He paused. "So, you gonna tie 'em up you do you want me to?"

Ren and Kelley did it with pleasure. Catching the humans was easy - they couldn't outrun a werewolf. They tied the humans up back-to-back with the same chains that had been forced on Ren and Kelley on the way into the warehouse. Then they followed Adam outside and back to his old, beat-up pick-up truck. They all three fit up front if Kelley squeezed into the middle.

Adam put the truck into drive and they quickly got out of there.

Finally Ren couldn't stand it anymore. "Okay, what are you? Normal or supernatural?"

"Ren," Kelley chided like a mother scolding her child.

"What?" he hissed, because he had to know. "Like you're not curious either." It was weird, because Adam smelled human enough. Except then again, he didn't. There was something a little extra about him Ren just couldn't quite place, and it was driving him crazy.

"Ah, no," Adam said with a smirk as he drove, his gaze not leaving the road. "I'm not human, if that's what you're asking."

Ren nodded.

"Where can I drop you guys off at?" Adam asked.

Kelley and Ren shared looks.

"Actually," Kelley said slowly, her long brown hair slick with blood as she brushed it over her shoulder, "I think you should come in with us."

"What, you need someone to walk you to your door? C'mon, I just saved your asses."

"And we're grateful," Kelley said, sending Ren a sharp look when he opened his mouth to say something. "But you should really come with us."

"Me in a room full of werewolves…" Adam shook his head. "Seeing as how you guys weren't sure if I was human or not, I think I'll pass, thanks. I don't want to get accidentally eaten."

"Look, they're not going to hurt you," Kelley told him. "It's just that…" She shared a look with Ren.

Ren knew what she meant. Adam had to come with them. It wasn't a matter of choice. It would be better if he just agreed to it, but if he didn't, they'd have to take him by force.

"Why?" Adam asked.

"Look, they're just going to want to ask questions about our escape and you can help answer them, that's all," Ren said easily enough.

Adam was quiet for a long moment as they drove. "Where am I taking you?" he asked.

They gave him the directions.

"So will you…?" Kelley asked.

"I'm thinking," Adam said, not looking at them.

Ren didn't know what to think of this guy. At first he'd thought he was there to help the humans finish killing him and Kelley, but then he'd helped them and had even let those humans go. Ren would have killed them without a second thought. They killed enough of his kind, after all. He didn't want to have to use force on this guy if he didn't have to.

"Fine," Adam finally grunted. "But only because I'm hungry. You'd better have actual edible food in that joint of yours and not just super raw meat. And you owe me."

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