You live in a small town by the coast, and go to a normal school and have normal friends. Your part-time job, is… not so normal. You're a vampire hunter. A famous one, in fact. Your coworkers, and other such people and creatures know you as V-Slay. During a job you wear dark, fabric-like armor with metal lined along the edges. The same material covers your pants. You have a special, thin but durable bite guard on your neck and face. Usually, you'll use a whip made out of pure kinetic energy as your weapon, which can also straighten into a round sword.

You're sitting in you rather large house, gaming with your friends when the phone rings. Getting up before anyone else could, you excuse yourself and answer. It's a new assignment.

"There has been a recent… 'pest' problem nearby in France." Your boss informs you.

"I live in America. That's not 'nearby'." You mutter sarcastically in reply.

"…Anyways, I'm sending a note to your school saying you'll be studying abroad for awhile. I'm giving you up to a year at most."

"Is it really that bad?" You ask, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, well, I also figured I should give you an extra month for a break. I expect to see you at the airport next week." You hang up, sighing. A year in Europe. Not just France, since it seems a lot of vampires like to run to another country whenever you're after them. Reluctantly, you head upstairs to pack.

Your boss isn't at the airport when you get there, so you assume you'll meet him in France. He always did like traveling. It seems, over the ride, a few vampires had boarded onto the wing unnoticed, and once you exited the plane, they attacked you. Of course, you're not famous for nothing. You easily whip them away. Annoyingly, two of them run off before you could get them. The others were dead meat though.

Your boss, a rather fatherly looking man with graying hair and mustache, greets you at the baggage claim. He hands you the key to your apartment, and walks you there to help you unpack. You've never had a dad, so this man was the closest you had.

The apartment is large, almost like a penthouse, and you have more than enough room for just yourself. You begin to set up your weapons in the closet, your clothes in the chest. Your 'work clothes', of course, is hidden away with the weapons in the closet. None the less, you still have to go to school.

The school building is sort of like an old mansion, but is much newer inside. As you walked to the building, you had seen a few signs of bat and wolf activity around the nearby woods. But as long as you don't blow your cover, or something happens at the school, you'll be fine.

You're brought into the 'A-3 Class'. The classes here are ranked by grades (A, B, C, D, etc.) and then by your year. Upon entering the class, you groan inwardly. Approximately four-fifths of the class were not human. Two-thirds of that fraction were either vampires or of vampire descent. The rest were a mix of werewolves, mages, and other sorts. No wonder you were sent here for a year. A few of your classmates stand out to you.

One boy, who you're confident is human, had been watching a few of the other kids. He was a blond, with blue eyes, and seemed a bit naïve. Another is slender, yet muscular, and you're almost sure he's vampire with maybe a sliver of werewolf blood. There's another larger, pudgy boy in the back who-from the looks of it-is some weird medley of everything gone wrong, and has been drawing and spitballing other kids. How did he get into this class, anyways?

Lastly, there's a girl who you can't stop watching that may be human. She has long, brown hair and dark green eyes watching a few of the non-mortals or semi-mortals. She glanced at you for a moment, before going back to watching the others carefully, absently playing with the red bracelet on her wrist.

"Everyone, this is Isaac Onk. He's from America, so please make him feel at home." The teacher called out, a few kids here and there waving at you. You end up stuck in the back, right in between a werewolf and a vampire. The two of them don't seem to get along very well, considering how they're glaring at each other. Of course, it's just your luck to be stuck in between them of all places.

Later, during a free period, they introduce themselves to you. The werewolf is Daryk Fang, and the vampire is Winter Valentine.

Daryk had unkempt dark brown hair, bordering on black. His amber eyes have a hint of red to them, making them look a little more on the orange side. He dressed mostly in browns and blues, with a bit of black or green here and there. Winter, on the other hand, had neatly combed black hair, with crimson red eyes that had a hint of amber. He wore mostly varying shades of blacks and reds, with maybe a bit of blue or white.

Apparently, despite their frequent arguments, they're close friends. The green-eyes girl you saw earlier is also a friend of theirs, it seems, and was introduced as Carmine Le Rouge. They point out another kid, the blue-eyed boy you picked out earlier, as Jack Blounte, who comes over to join your little group. Talking to them, you find Carmine to be strong-headed and clever, and Jack outgoing and funny, though with a serious edge and pretty polite. Daryk is violent and hardy, while Winter is quiet and somewhat cautious.

You make friends with them decently quickly, though they're strange habits are rather obvious. Either they feel very safe that you're not out to kill them, or they're just that block-headed.

At lunch, you can see Winter drinking something red that he claimed was punch, with half of a strawberry jam sandwich and a small container of cherries. Daryk has… lots of meat. Like you, Jack has a normal lunch, his consisting of some cheese quiche and garlic bread, with a salad on the side. Seems he was vegetarian. Carmine, however, doesn't eat anything, refusing any food you offer her. Must be a girl thing, you assume.

It turns out, in France, you have practically 2 hours off for lunch, and being from America, you finish earlier than the others, within the first 30 minutes. Decidng you probably need the walk, you look around, getting familiar with the building layout. After that, you check to see if there's anything out of the ordinary. Nothing seems different or out of place, as far as you can tell anyways, and you decide to head back to your apartment for awhile.

You're cleaning your weapons and unpacking a bit more when the doorbell rings. You check the clock as you put the guns, whips, and stakes away. Still an hour left.

Upon opening the door, you see Daryk, Winter, and Carmine. Daryk walks in rather rudely without an invitation, looking around. "Nice place you got here." He says, whistling. Sighing, you reluctantly let the other 2 in.

"Why are you here? And how the hell did you know where I live?" You ask, leaning against the edge of the couch with your arms crossed.

"It's Daryk's 'special talent'." Winter explains, rolling his eyes. "As for why we're here…"

"Who wouldn't want to hang out with their friend?" Carmine finished, her attention being drawn to the view out your window. "Mind if I go out on the balcony?" She asks. You shrug in response, and she goes out, closing the screen door behind her.

You notice Daryk sniffing around-literally-when he follows his nose into your room. You shift nervously when he heads for your closet. Thank god you locked it.

"Why does it smell like blood in here?" He mutters, crouching down as if to find something.

"I got a big cut on my hand while making some salad." You reply, slightly nervous. Luckily, you still had a fading cut on your hand from last night's hunt. You raise it and show them. "See? I must have spread some blood on the carpet when I was rushing to clean my hand." Daryk looks at you suspiciously, but shrugs it off. "How did you smell that, anyways?" You ask.

"That's how I found your house. I've got the nose of a wolf." He tapped his nose to emphasize his point, looking slightly proud.

"We should get back to the school, class will start soon. We can all head to my house afterschool." Winter states, and leads you all back to the school.

Over the rest of the school day, nothing much happened, though a werewolf and vampire that you didn't know got in a fight. Trying to break it up, you took them down within seconds. You believe that it brought a lot of attention to yourself. Especially since you're human.

Trudging out of the school doors, you debate about not going to Winter's house, but that would probably make you even more suspicious. You'll just have to think up an excuse on the way.

You arrive at a large, Victorian-style mansion. Vines are creeping up the side of the white stone walls, the giant oak door looking as if it was going to rot away. Talk about haunted house. The door is opened by Carmine, who leads you inside.

"They're watching some movie, and making stupid comments about how fake it is or whatever." She muttered as you closed the door behind yourself. She didn't ask you any questions about the fight earlier, so you hope that the others won't either. Sadly, that is not the case.

Question 1: "Where are you from?"
Answer: "America."

2: "Why are you here?"
Answer: "Studying."

3: "How are you affording your apartment?"
Answer: "Special funding from investing Universities."

4: "You seem to have all the answers."
Answer: "You seem to have all the questions."

"Why are you asking me this? All I did was break up a fight." You ask, crossing your arms.

"…Are you… 'different'?" Carmine finally asks. You have an idea of what she's talking about, but you feign ignorance.

"What do you mean different?" You ask, raising an eyebrow. She shakes her head.

"Never mind." You pretend to look puzzled, which isn't hard considering the other's behavior.