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"What the heck is this?" Carmine asks, looking at the letter incredulously.

"Those letters are written in blood. That's what I smelled earlier." Daryk sniffed the paper to be sure, before nodding in confirmation.

"I'm not sure." You reply. "I just found it."

"Is there something you're not telling us?" Winter scowled at you, as if he was forcing an answer out.

"Why would you think that?" You reply, avoiding the question.

"You smell like blood a lot, and you obviously seem to know what the significance of that letter is." He replies. You curse inwardly, remembering that a few vampires had an ability similar to reading minds.

"I honestly have kept no secrets from you guys. Even if I have, why would I tell you? I've only known you for a few days."

"He has a point there." Carmine mutters.

"Besides," you continue, "if I were to share my secrets, shouldn't it be fair that you share yours?" Winter grimaces, but stays quiet. You all stay like that for a moment, until the tense, silent atmosphere finally breaks.

"Come with me." Carmine finally grumbles, pulling you by the arm out of the room. Daryk and Winter attempt to follow, but are stopped by a glare from the dark-haired girl. She leads you out onto the balcony, closing the sliding door behind you. "I know why you're here, Isaac, and why you're so secretive. I'm in a similar situation, but I've been here longer than you have. If you attempt to keep everything from them and their kind, you're only going to draw suspicion to yourself. Trust me."

If what she says is true, then she'll answer your questions. You go through the standard protocol for meeting another undercover slayer on duty. "Codename?"

"Ruthless Rouge."


"All around."

"Branch and rank?"

"Spy, undercover, and hunting. I'm elite." Your next question throws her off.

"Go on a date with me."

"Excuse me?" She asks incredulously.

"Obviously, we can't get alone without being followed by Daryk and Winter. We need to go somewhere where we can talk."

"Fine. Next Tuesday." She reluctantly replies, and follows you back inside. You enter the living room to see the other two standing near the door.

"Hurry up, Carmine. Lunch break's almost over." She heads for the door, muttering a goodbye before she leaves. Winter and Daryk follow, through the vampire gives you one last suspicious glance before closing the door behind him. Deciding you have nothing better to do, you head to the nearby forest and do some exterminating.

It's the following Tuesday, and you and Carmine go to a fancy restaurant-though it was more low quality at French standards. "So," you start, "are there any other slayers in town?"

"A few at the school. You need to figure out those slayers for yourself." She replies coyly.

"Where are you from?"

"I'm a natural born American. The Slayer Corps had my family bring me to France and dedicate me to slaying. I just happen to have a French last name."

A few hours later, the two of you are laughing outside her apartment door."And… And you had to use the pencil as a tiny wooden stake?" Carmine asks, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe the force I had to use to drive it through his heart." You laugh for a few minutes, then the laughs die down and you both stop, standing there awkwardly for another few minutes.

"…Well… I guess I had better get going." She says, awkwardly opening the door.

"…Right." You reply. "…Then, see you tomorrow, I guess."

As you're walking home-taking a shortcut through the woods-a hand grabs your shoulder, startling you. You whirl around as your hand takes out your whip, ready for a fight. Jack Blounte is standing before you, waving his hands in front of his face frantically. "P-Please, put your whip away!" You lower it, but keep it in hand. "I-I'm really sorry for startling you like that. Remember me? I'm Jack. Y-You're V-Slay right?" You nod in affirmation. "I-I saw you talking to Ms. Rouge. She saved me from an attack last year. I've got a small bit of mage blood in me, so I want to help. Ms. Rouge wouldn't let me, so I thought you might. I can tell you more about Mr. Fang and Mr. Valentine. The others too. You see, I've lived here most all my life, even longer than Ms. Rouge."

"Okay." You reply, before going through the standard procedure again. "Codename?"

"Blounte Force."



"Branch and Rank?"

"Information and undercover. I'm elite."

"Alright, Blounte. You take cross-country, right?" He nods. "Okay, we'll talk then. Right now, we kind of look suspicious." He nods again.

You're back in the crimson red room. On the wall in front of him, written in black, were the 7 sins, the word, GUILT, and a single sentence: 'You want to know a secret?'

"What secret?!" You scream, frustrated. After years, you've finally gotten the envelope open, and now this list and phrase keep haunting you instead. The sentence morphed into a response to your question.

'Your secret.' It frustrates you even more. Wouldn't you know your own secret, after all?

"Why do you toy with me?!" You screech. "Tell me! Explain this!" You can feel a mouth curved at you in an almost sinister smile, but it seems to be coming from nowhere and everywhere. The sentence morphs again.

'Of course V-Slay. Wouldn't you love to know what such an obvious clue means?' Just as you finish reading the sentence, you wake up.

Your alarm went off this time, and you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed, partially wishing it hadn't been set. However, you had promised to talk to Jack Blounte today, and you could probably use the information.

"I know most of the 'special' kids in our class are just doing what they're told and shown by their parents, so personally I think it would be easy to persuade them otherwise, given the right bait. Ms. Rouge, if she hasn't told you already, has a small bit of vampire blood in her as well. She detests it for the most part, even though it's not enough to give her the need to drink blood. Besides her great grandfather and his descendents, the rest of her family and ancestors were born slayers." Jack explains, and you listen with interest, raising an eyebrow at the bit about Carmine.

"Mr. Fang and Mr. Valentine are special cases though. I don't know for sure, because no one likes talking about it, but I heard that Mr. Valentine is planning to become the Blood King, which is the Vampire King basically. I don't know how he's going to do it, but I heard once that he was planning to assassinate the Royal Black family. Mr. Fang, I know is an important ally of Mr. Valentine in this, though I don't know why. I don't know much of anything about Mr. Fang, actually. Sorry about that." You shrug in response, and Jack smiles awkwardly.

"Hey! Blounte! Quit chatting and start running!" The coach screams at you, and you bid Jack goodbye as you jog off.