Eyes flash ominously in the pale moonlight and teeth flash ominously in the dark.

Loud roars shake the ground and high screams pierce the air.

The smell of rotting bodies and the smell of burning flesh.

Low moans begging for death.

Yet death will not grace them with his appearance,

For you cannot kill that which is already dead.

Evil things run in the dark.

With horns and blood-stained teeth, with wings and sharp claws.

With them they bring infinite pain and sorrow.

Rooms filled with brimstone and pools of fire and lava.

Men and women beg for cold water, yet are greeted with a whip and warm poison.

The walls are painted red with blood and the rooms smell of salty, sorrow filled tears.

Endless suffering for those who are not forgiven.

Yet do not pity them, for they wrought it upon themselves.

For those who do not repent and accept the light, can be greeted with evil laughter and hellish growls in the dark.