Where the darkness starts I do not know, and I do not want to live to see it.

Voices whisper in the cold, unforgiving shadows that litter the Earth.

The voices whisper lies, they twist and they deceive.

They distribute the malice and horrors that they themselves conceive.

Cold, probing eyes pierce my very soul,

And oh, if they do not make me feel oh so very cold.

Night soon creeps up on me, like a carefully weaved trap.

And monsters flit around in the darkness like invisible bats.

I hide in my closet, only my own secrets around me.

Things run in the dark, knocking on my door frighteningly.

Cold hard fear grips me like a claw.

For in the darkness I see things which I wish I never saw.

I know they wish to for me to fear them, and it seems that they have won.

I cower before the darkness, hoping for the sun.

My prayer is soon answered, and the sun rises slowly.

And soon all creatures run from the light, for them it is too holy.

The darkness soon scatters, to be replaced with warm light.

Yet I know that soon I will encounter the night.