Allie had to admit this. As dangerous as holding Nate tightly around his waist as they sped out throughout their typically dull town of Greysville was, she felt strangely safe with him right in that moment. He was so nice! He even actually cared about the little details that even Alenka's own parents had never really cared to spend their time listening to.

Allie was sixteen after all. Maybe, after she got dropped off, she could ask him out on a date. Allie was so caught up in her own thoughts that she hadn't realized that Nate had passed her house ten minutes ago.

Raylene had been keeping on their tail the whole time. Didn't Allie realize how far away they were from her home! Darn it! This guy could be so dangerous, Raylene's thoughts started to race. I've heard many things. I can't tell what's true since he's only been a student at our school for the past few months… since the beginning of this year… But supposedly back in his old town he was a freakin' tramp, and a lawbreaker! Maybe even a member of gangs! Normally I don't believe everything I hear, but I swear to God if he so much as lays a finger on Alenka I'll claw him!

She continued following them, and watching Allie and Nate smiling and laughing and looking like a couple. Raylenia felt like she might vomit. She decided that she'd give this moron ten more minutes, then she'd split 'em up-for good.

Allie finally realized that Nate had passed her house when she noticed that they were past Greysville… now they were on the outskirts, and headed towards New Rainfalls.

"WHOA buddy, what's the big deal? Why are you going out of town?"

"Hey, trust me! I'm taking you somewhere even better!" Nate responded.

"Look, Nate, I hate to say this, but I do keep a pocket knife on me and if you try any funny business-"

Nathaniel laughed and snuck a peak at the perplexed expression on Alenka's face. "That's cute, how you think I'd be afraid of ya. No, Al, I'm not gonna hurt you. Just give me a chance, would you?"

Allie agreed to give him ten minutes until she pulled out her rape whistle.

Nate started to get the feeling that maybe his crazy mom hadn't thought this through so well. Oh well, he already had the girl on his back-literally. If he didn't go through with it, not only would Nathaniel look like a coward but he'd also look like a liar and scum. Oh, and a pervert. Let's not forget that!

He hated all of the rumors that had spread-all because of the fact that he liked the 50's bad boy look and happened to be too poor to be from the safe part of town. Safe. It seemed like he was never safe. At least his old man always knew what he was doing-or did he? After all, the girl whom he'd had his sights on all year had just threatened to pull a knife on him. Even though he put up a good front, honestly, Nate had never been in a fight in his life and though he could ride a motorcycle, that was probably the only "badass" thing he ever knew how to do.

He looked ahead of him and saw the spot his father had mapped out for him-and just in time, too. "Alright, here's the spot." Nathaniel put the bike in park and helped Allie out.

"Oh…Okay. What are we doing here?"

"I wanted to ask you out, and I thought this would more of a proper way of doing so! I can take you home now, though this place is very pretty, I wouldn't recommend it."

Allie laughed. "Aren't we 'out' right now?"

"Precisely. I'm afraid I have you trapped! Sorry!"

"No need to be! I like this place… how'd you ever find it?"

"I didn't. My dad did. What do you think?"

"It's… interesting, to say the least. Unique? In a good way, of course."

The place was an abandoned park, on the side of the road. Nate led Allie past the old patches of ivy and leaves and onto the equipment. There was a beautiful lake. It was all like a normal park-except "jungle-i-fied" as Allie put it as she kept talking to Nathaniel.

Raylene had seen the two of them go into some kind of forested area. Her internal sirens started blaring and she could feel the adrenaline start to course through her veins. She was ready to beat the living heck out of Nathaniel right at that moment. She glanced down at her watch and saw that the ten minutes were up. She parked her car.

Ray went into the forest and started trailing the couple… bleghth! Couple!

No, she started following the path her old friend and her kidnapper had left. She saw them… still looking happy. Maybe she'd been wrong. Oh, no. This was some kind of date. Ray started to back up and snapped a twig. Alenka and Nathaniel turned around.

"Raylenia!? What are you DOING here!?"

"Oh, you know… just… nothing, really."

"You… You were following us?"


"Um…" Alenka thought about how Ray had slipped a lunch into her backpack earlier that day.

"Thanks for trying to look out for me, but… really?


Nate awkwardly cleared his throat.

"Sorry, both of you. I'm sorry I misjudged you, Nathaniel."

"Apology accepted!" Nate responded cheerfully. "Shall we take our friend back to her house now, then?"

"Sure, wait no! Actually Allie, would you like to spend the night at my place?

"Uh… sure, I guess? Beats going to an empty home."

"Yes," Nathaniel started, "I'd rather you went with Ray too… I suppose I'll just go back home then, see you guys at school!"

"S-sorry Nate! I'll see you at school!" Allie called after him as he disappeared out of her sight.

It was just her and Ray now, and they were headed out of the park and towards Raylenia's car.

"Way to ruin a moment, Ray."

"Sorry. I was only trying to protect you."

"Got it, thanks," Allie responded awkwardly.

They got out of the forested area and found Nate still at his motorcycle. They asked him what he was still doing there and he responded that he wanted to make sure they made it out okay and apologized for running off. Raylenia apologized in a more un front manner for thinking that he was a rogue and Nate accepted her apology. The kids looked out at the skyline. The sun was going down, as it was only November. They decided to split, and the three bid one another good night.