Full Summary: Just a poem for a friend, about life, self-harm, love, society. Nothing to depressing. Maybe a little bittersweet? I wrote it on a whim, your thoughts are appreciated.Word Count: 240
Rating: K+
Note: I don't plagiarise. Any coincidence to any published poems (online or book) is entirely coincidental.
A/N: So yeah, this is a poem for a friend. Not much to say other than that, but please do review... if you're reading this, I love you, stay strong baby!

She walks

Head held high,

Through the halls and ignores society

Focuses on what she loves

Rather than what's important to them


But something is breaking

I can see the cracks


In your ever-strong shield.

Something vanishing

Like a love that goes out

Or the light that guided you

Fading away

Too far ahead

For you to follow


She feels desperate

But who wouldn't?

And there they are

Just lying there,


(Or not-so-innocently.)

So what's to stop her from picking them up?

What's to stop her from picking up that knife

When it's just


There for the taking?


Darling, put those away;

Don't you realise

There are people who couldn't live without you?

Don't you realise

You have so much to live for?


You're perfect in every way?

And anyone who says otherwise is wrong?

Who are these people,

What are these things,

Damaging your happiness

Getting in your mind?

They're just monsters, darling

Don't let them

Break that shield.

Remember what I said

Put those away.


If despair is a black sea

Or a storm,

(that seems appropriate),

What's to stop us all from drowning?

No, darling,

You just have to find the shore

Because you're safe there.

And no one

Can hurt you on the shore

No one can take that happiness away

No one can tarnish

Or steal

Or damage it.


Darling, you're perfect,