Sharp pain ripped through Jordan's hands as they made contact with the forest floor. Thorns had imbedded themselves into his skin and his knee made a soft cracking sound as it bounced against a fallen tree branch. A soft hiss of pain was the only outward sign of pain as he slowly pulled himself up to a crouch and looked around for Andrew.

"Andy?" trying to keep his voice down Jordan crawled across the dense mossy ground. "Andy?!" Panic settled into his throat creating a much louder call than he had planned. "Shush Jordan, shush! I'm right here. You alright?"

A trembling smile broke across the young blonde's face as he crawled toward his friend's whisper. "My knees hurt, but I'll live. You?" Pulling himself up over the log that had cracked his knee, Jordan saw his best friend lying in a patch of dirt.

"Oh god! Oh god, Andy! Are you sure you're alright?!" Once again panic crept into his voice and the red-head in the dirt lifted his face to shush him. "I'm fine, kay? Jordan, I'm fine. Don't freak out. We'll be alright." Jordan's blue eyes were full of worry and a bit of his own pain. "Maybe we should just lay low for a while?"

Dark brown eyes bored into Jordan's as his friend pulled himself off the ground. "You know we can't, Jordan. You heard those jeeps. They have a full search party trailing us. We better head to a creek to hide our scent in case they add dogs to the chase."

Nodding tiredly, Jordan held out a hand to the red-head beside him. Once on their feet, the two limped over to hide behind a fallen tree. "You going to be able to run?" Jordan nodded slowly – a wince of pain the only indication of his lie.

Grimacing, the two young boys crashed through the forest. And while every step the blonde took was painful, he held fast to the knowledge that every step also took him closer to safety.