utsukushii no shinikata
(..japanese for "beautiful death"..)


the crepuscular sky was pregnant with nine-year-old

innocence and its putrefying flesh gave birth

to a renegade fantasy before plummeting

further into an abyss where the subversive

sunshine buried his mistress


decaying stars blew kisses to the zeppelin moon

and recited a prayer for redemption

with their final breath as they got dragged

deeper into the sacrilegious earth


she wore a velvet noose around her neck

and whispered her requiem in reverse

while slashing her wrist with a rapier,

unlocking the gates of gehenna


and as a symbol of his soulless love, the reaper summoned

a raven to offer a rose to her but the flower bled to death

and the bird got choked by its thorns and they both

died in the arms of a beautiful april massacre


and even with her eyes wide open, she was still haunted

by her own eulogy singing la-la-la like memoirs

of a ghost with lips stained blue