Dalton, Nebraska

March 31, 1858

Ethan moaned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. What had wakened him?

Suddenly he heard what it was; someone was pounding on the door loudly enough to wake the dead.

Ethan sprang from the bed, and jerking pants on over his nightgown, ran to answer the door. Randy Reynolds stood there, looking as white as a sheet. "It's time for the baby, Doc."

Ethan nodded and turned to get his medical bag from the examination room. Celina, whom he had married in October, stood there holding his bag. "What is it?" she asked.

"Mrs. Reynolds is ready to have the baby."

The color drained from her delicate face. "But the baby isn't supposed to be born for two months!"

Ethan slipped on his jacket and took his medical bag from his wife. "No one told the baby that. Don't wait up for me." He said, dashing across the street to the livery.

His horse was tethered and waiting for him. He sprang on to the bay's broad back and spurred him into a gallop.

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