One of Thousands

I am one of thousands, one of millions,
A mob of stripes hidden behind wired fences,
We are the forgotten and the damned,
Punished for our faiths we march in feet so bare,
To our deaths, to the chimneys,
Where soon my soul will flutter amongst smoke so black,
A chamber built by my hands but used for sin,
Where is the revelation?

I am one of thousands, one of millions,
A throng of the mad, the children of the lunatics,
Crying is a penance, if even for a wish of freedom,
Hidden away for the sake of a purified society,
Treatment or torture, there is no difference,
But who are the truly insane?
Those kept in the dark, the ones who hear the voices,
Or those who live in the light, those who have killed many?

I am one of thousands, one of millions,
Just one of many who want to be remembered,
The monsters from our fairytales, live among us,
They are human, they breathe our air,
We were born not to pretend,
Why should justice not be served?
While I am strong, I am only one,
Someone shoot the gun and put out the misery.

14th April 2013.