When You Look

When you look at me

All you see is spam

Filling up your sight like air filling a balloon

You see superficial ideas with no meaning

There is space, almost empty space

Only composed of silly things and made up shenanigans

Emotions, exaggerated and suppressed

Unrealistic thoughts and pointless memories

When you look at my face

You see lies, scandal

Emotions, fake and hidden

All you see is the truth

The bitter truth

The truth that the world should see

The truth the world doesn't know

When you look into my eyes

Straight through my skull into my soul

You see more than the truth

You see real emotions

The actions I would do

The choices I would make

If only there weren't so many lies

So much hatred

So much distraction

So much B.S.

Tearing it apart, leaving it in disarray

If I only I had a chance to express myself

And be who I want to be

But who does?