You and I are drifting apart

And maybe this love was doomed from the start

We can be just like day and like night

But I still smile fondly when I have you in my sight

I am shy and you are outspoken

This mirage of affection is easily broken

I dream of you, but do you dream of me?

When you look my way, what do you see?

I look at you and think of romance

What feelings do you hide within your sweet glance?

You've never hinted that you feel the same

And honestly, you are not to blame

You've never heard, you've never been told

Of my feelings, I have not been so bold

While I hope you think of me too

It's probably too good to be true

I'm being silly and you're unaware

Of the feelings for you I happen to bear

To you it is likely that we are just friends

And that is where you think our relationship ends

While I like to imagine that's not the case

You can't add me to your life, there's really not space

I'm starting to accept this and begin to move on

Maybe I'll find new romance after the next dawn