The words have taken over

Every sane thought left in my head,

Leaving me cackling with malice,

I'm too far gone to feel dread.

They tell me what to do,

Their shouts echo around my brain

Till everything is scrambled

Confused and insane.

Rush manically to finish

The foul deeds I am told,

I am blind to the suffering

I cause the young and the old.

No longer sure of the target,

Me or the world,

The darkness clouds my judgment

As I swing my sharp sword.

I will not stop

Until the whole world begs at my feet,

I long to feel power,

And have their terror to eat.

Chaos is my obedient servant,

Justice lay broken on the ground,

I am crowned queen

As everyone bows down.

I feel a sense of victory,

Never knowing it isn't my own,

I became a pawn of insanity,

Brought the downfall of our world.