I feel my mind succumbing,

To this dark and scary will,

I know I will be gone soon,

So I just wanted you to know;

I'm so sorry,

I couldn't help it,

The dark tendrils reached into my head,

Grabbed hold of my brain and unscrewed it,

Left my wires unconnected.

I love you,

I swear I do,

So don't listen to what this person has to say,

Remember me as I am now,

Not what I will be another day.

For I know I will be crazy,

I know I won't be me,

I know whatever takes me over,

Will make me lose hold of reality.

So stay here for now,

Make the seconds last,

And when I tell you to go,

Don't ever look back.

I am going to leave this message for you,

Please, regard it with care,

Throw it away, forget about me,

Because I know I will be beyond repair.