You say we're cool,

You say we're best friends,

Then why do you look so much happier with them?

Allow them their weaknesses,

Forgive them their flaws,

But one sign of me falling

Lets you dig in your claws.

Why are they different,

Are they better than me?

Or is it because they don't care what their parents think?

Sluts and liars,

I promise I'm clean,

But that doesn't matter,

Dirty humor is so much funnier when you drink.

I may be a 'goody'

Or follow the rules,

But maybe it's simply because I have goals.

I don't plan to be arrested,

Or make my parents disappointed,

I don't want to not remember,

Or let myself drift under.

So smoke away your problems,

With these people that will leave,

Loyalty is meaningless,

So I guess you won't mind losing me.