If I could drink you up

In one foul sip,

Desires rolling off my lips,

Breathing lust with open eyes,

Bringing about my sinful demise.


Bite by bite,

Excess still,

Not caring if I've had my fill,

Taking candy from a babies skinny hand,

Fattened up while in a starving land.


I need for nothing,

But want for others need,

My soul is black from heedless greed.


Watching others slave away,

While I lay in bed all day,

Lazy slumping,

Purpose is nothing,

Productivity has faded away.


Holding anger as it eats me away,

Let it out day by day,

Breaking others for simple joy,

Or maybe a grudge fueled my ploy,

Whatever the fire,

My hatred will burn,

Not caring who gets hurt.


I see what you have there,

But I want it as mine,

Prized possession or useless toy,

I desire to have it,

It will bring me a small joy,

Even if after I took it away,

I tossed it around, needing a new victim of my envy.


I'm good at everything,

This without fail,

I know all the answers,

In comparison, we all know you pale,

Boasting my successes,

Won't acknowledge my faults,

This too prideful nature will be my downfall.