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Chapter 1 – A Meeting Between Friends

Death, Summer, and New Years Eve sat around a dark wooden table in a rather extravagantly decorated room, cards spread across in front of them.

"Dammit Eve! Why do you always win?" The golden skinned man with flowers adorning his neck slapped his cards down on the table, the white lightweight cotton t-shirt rustling slightly as he leaned back to sulk in his Victorian-styled chair. The woman across from him snickered and shrugged, grabbing golden coins from Summer's side of the table.

"I don't know what you bother to try anymore, I'm one of the luckiest days of the year remember? " She teased. "You should grow a real 'tree trunk' and just accept you'll never beat me." The fair skinned beauty tossed her long black hair over her shoulders, almond shaped eyes sparkling and her golden kimono softly swishing about her slim wrists. The only thing hinting that she was not human was the small lights glowing faintly around her body, and her eyes turning from brown, to red, then gold and moss green. Summer narrowed his blue eyes.

"You are a terrifying woman. How can you look like an angel, yet play poker like some kind of rugged man?"

Casually raising her hand in a wave, Eve brushed off the comment.

"Don't whine, we only get together like this every once in a while and you sulk every time. D over there is taking his loss like a real man." She quirked her head towards the third chair seated at the table. The bronzed man laughed, and a gently breeze swept through the room.

" 'Man' isn't really a good word New Years."

Death's appearance and aura did not match his companions. There was nothing 'human' about his exterior. A black clock was rested against the back of his chair, but all that it seemed to be leaning against it was a black wisp of smoke-which was swirling slowly and gradually changing shape. The other two felt his gaze on them, however no eyes could be seen. But regardless of his outer form, a snort came from the thick black smoke.

"I feel no need to make myself look human. I see dead ones everyday, and they're so pathetic and breakable. I don't know why you too do it."

Summer ran a hand through his light purple hair, green streaks at the fringe shifting over golden lashes.

"They're so much more fun! And attractive…. well they can be." He wrinkled his nose towards Death. "Don't you get bored looking all, well…gloomy?"

"I'm Death."

"Sarcastic bastard."

"Better than being a little fairy man."

Eve rolled her eyes and stood up swiftly, causing the insults to stop.

"Boys! I won't have you-"

"How do you know he's a boy though Eve?" And a growl followed from the smog in the chair.

"Oh enough already!" The woman chuckled though, and made her way across a velvet floor to the window. "Don't you ever get sick of fighting? Anyways Summer, you know Death doesn't like humans."

"I don't understand why though…. well I mean I do…you only see 'em dead really. But they're fantastic!" The young man's hair was a dark red now, the color of a rose. "They can be funny, smart, rather cheeky most of the time, always thinking their right. It's amusing! I just don't get it D, I don't. I've known you well…for forever and me and Eve have only seen you with a face once." With that he gestured over towards the now blushing female in the corner. "And I don't think she's gotten her panties in such a twist since!"

A vase was suddenly flung across the room, but the two males just laughed and a wisp of black interjected its pathway.

"I don't know why I put up with you two. I can deal with Summer because he's an idiot all the time…but when you're frisky as well I want to smash you both." She narrowed her eyes at Death still flushing slightly, and poured herself a drink while Summer burst out laughing.

"Again Eve, 'frisky' is not a word to be used."

"Can we stop calling me names now?"

Summer regarded his old friend carefully, and instantly Death saw the mischievous glint the blue eyes.


The man leaned over the table, snickering.

"You don't even know what I'm going to say."


Still leering at the black wisp, which was know churning slightly faster then before, Summer rested his chin in his hands.

"I want to make a bet. The next one you're supposed to take, keep it."

A harsh laugh came from the no-bodied being.

"You're stupid, but not that stupid. He would not be pleased. Also I do not want too."

Summer flashed a suave grin.

"He would never find out D, you know that. The last time we heard from him was 1779. " He flicked a card, and it just rested inside the black smog, floating around aimlessly. "Creepy."

"I have absolutely no desire to keep one. And there's nothing you could possibly give me to make me want to care for it for any amount of time. Contrary to your beliefs, they aren't pets."

At this the other man grinned, and held up two fingers.

"Two years. The next one you're supposed to send off keep it for two years. If by the end of the two years you haven't really killed it off yet, or if you learn to like it even a bit, then I'll get that thing for you."

At this Eve whipped around, glaring at her old friend.

"Summer! How can you say that! This is not just a game…Death isn't allowed to do that and even if he was, you're horrible! What about how this human feels? And you can't even get what he really wa-"

"Yes I can."

"No you cannot." The voice was Death's this time, and the room was suddenly colder. "I don't care about the rules, but do not make promised you can't keep Azerelia." The other man glared at the use of his old name.

"Tone down the anger 'n shit D." He got up and stalked across the room towards the bar, slowly pouring a golden colored drink into a crystal glass. A moment of silence swept through the room, and suddenly Eve spoke, her voice no higher than a whisper.

"You were chosen as Guardian."

His back was tense, but the man still answered.

"Yeah. I got the notice a few years back." With this he spun around, eye's locked on Death. "I have access to The Rooms now. I can get the scroll for you to have a look at."

The black smoke was now stock still, no amount of movement to be seen.

"Eve is right though…" Death's voice trailed off, but both companions new there was a new hint of excitement in his voice. "It would not be fair for the human, two years is a long time for them."

"You don't care about that." Summer said pointedly, glaring at New Years Eve. "You're just trying to convince yourself not to do it. Death! It's only two years…that will pass by for you so quickly. And you won't care that he or she is not happy about the arrangement." He fingered the sleeve of his blouse, look down into his glass. "I just don't like the idea of you being here by yourself, you won't even go down to earth and fraternize a bit!"

Death snorted.

"I fraternized plenty. Now I'm ancient and bored and have seen every single person who has ever lived and will ever live die. I do not understand how you're not bored already." A silence once again enveloped the massive room. Eve spoke this time, her eyes kind and gently as she spoke to Death.

"He has a point. You never do anything D. How can you say that you're bored if you don't put some effort in! Sure, this last century has been a bit dull, but at least try to have some enjoyment!" She glanced towards the now grinning golden boy, rolling her eyes. "I usually don't agree with him, but this time I think it'll be fun for you, you and Summer do these bets every now and then and you get a kick out of it while it lasts. I feel bad for the human—no normal human would want it- but it'll already be dead so I suppose that's ok… plus you'll get what you've been wanting most so that is a very good deal."

"Two years is nothing!" Summer stalked across the room, sticking his flawless hand out to his friend. "Common D… don't tell me you don't think you can do it? Can't babysit a little human for a while?" His voice was teasing and light, giggling slightly when a puff of air from Death's chuckle hit his face.

An equally flawless hand was suddenly formed from the smoke, and reached out to grab the appendage extended towards him. Dark and pale skin met, and Summer threw back his head in a burst of happy laughter while turning to head back over toward his drink. Eve shook her head but was grinning at the two men, and even let out a soft chuckle as Summer shot a wink over his shoulder at Death.

"I always new how to rub you the right way."