The bar was dim, quite so that the raven-haired man could hardly make out the familiar lines tracing along his palms. How long he had been there, sitting idly, he was unsure of, for he had lost track of time once he had counted away the second hour. Unsure of what kind of low he had now fallen to, he ordered another glass of vodka.

I'm a teacher now. I shouldn't be here, acting out like an angst ridden teenager. I should be at home grading tests, or reading papers. He pondered somberly. Oh God, I still have to read those papers. Glancing up briefly, Andrius caught the eye of handsome bar tender as he skillfully poured another round of alcohol. At any other time, he man would have responded smoothly to the soft smile he was offered, but he only looked down, staring into his glass.

His hand soon found its way into the pocket of his coat. Subconsciously, he ran his fingers along the cool metal of a collar. Encrusted along the flawless leather were the smooth letters of a name. Andrius' heart lurched miserably, a lump forming in his throat. "Pathetic." He swore under his breath, swiping his hand across the bar, and standing with such force that the stool were he once sat came crashing to the floor, much like the glass. The shattering echoed though the tavern causing a tense silence to fall as everyone turned to face the man. Taken aback, the bar-tender blinked, a bit frightened, "Sir?" Andrius cared not to respond, and if anything more came from this outburst of his, he didn't stay back to witness it.


Kisten sat alone, the classroom peacefully silent. It wasn't his usual morning routine, but the boy found himself too entranced by his most recent read to put it down long enough to mingle with those he called his friends. The author was a rather mysterious man, which was half the fun he presumed. Few knew him by anything else but his pen name, Allesandro D'oria. Engrossed in his flawless plot structure and unique imagery and diction, Kisten soon had found that he had read almost every one of his books, some of them even twice. Rarely ever picking favorites, he would have to say Allesandro was close to meeting that mark.

"Great find you've got there." An accented voice complied.

"Yeah." Kisten replied proudly, looking up to find his teacher, Andrius L'chelle, leaning against the large desk that sat in the far left of the room, flipping lazily through a stack of papers. "And I hardly ever judge modern works lightly. This is quite the piece. A refreshing break from repetitive adjectives, sparkling vampires, and CEO's with unhealthy fetishes."

Andrius chuckled, "I'll say. It's quite assuring to see that at least some part of this generation takes an interest in something other than fornication and alcohol, through I'm not pointing fingers."

Kisten snored in a laugh that was quickly stifled under the guise of a cough. The teacher glanced at him; eyes a bit alight at his laugh. "Feel free to come by after class any time if you care for some suggestions."

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." The boy nodded shyly, unsure of how to respond to this unfamiliar side of Mr. L'chelle as a nervous flutter rose in his stomach causing his to avert his eyes. Andrius gave a light sigh, his jaw set in a slight frown as he returned back to his work.

Soon thereafter students began to file in, gradually taking their places in the empty spaces about the room until the air was crowded with the hum of morning. Furtively, Kisten slipped the book into his bag.


Sitting back with an exasperated sigh the raven-haired man lifted his fingers from the keys, the rhythmic clicking sound coming to a halt. Tired eyes ran across the glowing screen, a sense of victory coming over him.

Black Sunday, the title read, By Allesandro D'oria.

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