Second and Fourth

Infuriated with the fact that he was barely able to reach the top drawer of his dresser, Kisten grunted in frustration. Gathering a pile of paperback books and questionable wrinkled clothes he stuffed the items into a duffle bag, far too small to hold all of the items he wished to carry, and bulging as he zipped it up. From the opposite side of his bedroom door the voice of his older brother shouted, but the commands laced with curses and pleas had long since fallen upon deaf ears. Exhaling a shaky breath the boy slung the bag over his shoulder and turned to face the pathetic slab of wood. As the mechanics of the knob clicked and turned, coming unlocked, the yelling ceased. Swinging the door open, Kisten found himself faced with silhouette of his brother, Sebastian. He was far taller, Sebastian, and his hair was a pale blonde in stark contrast to Kisten's own auburn. Some would even say they had no resemblance as siblings it hadn't been for their eyes. The same icy blue. A trait of their mother, he would always say, smiling happily in remembrance.

He wasn't smiling now.

Sebastian's jaw was set, lips pulled tight. He was angry, this was obvious, but his eyes held something far deeper than rage. Worry.

"Kis…" He began, his voice raw and horse. Kisten harshly shoved passed him, uttering not a word in response.

Sebastian huffed and followed quickly on his heals, sure not to loose him. "Kitsten!" He took a firm hold of his brother's frail bicep to which the boy did not flinch, eyes shadowed by his unkempt mop of hair. "Kisten! Are you even listing to me? What in the Hell do you think you're doing?"

"Let me go." Kisten replied simply.

"What?" The older inquired, his voice cracking some as he was taken aback.

"Let me go. Now."

Grudgingly, Sebastian obliged, and Kisten took a few more steps towards the front door, his grip so tight in the strap of his bag that his palm started to burn.

"Fine, leave," He began, the air about the two seeming to grow more and more suffocating. "But if you walk out of that door don't you ever think of coming back."

The brothers stood idle, no sound but their fearful breaths present, for countless moments, neither of them meeting each other's eyes. And with a simple click the two siblings seemed to be divided and endless ocean forming between them. As the door slammed to a close, Kisten on the opposite side, Sebastian fell to his knees in defeat, wondering what he had done wrong.


Kisten awoke with a start, his head swimming with the blur of painful memories. Blinking away the tiredness he found that he was now the center of attention within in infamous circle that Mr.L'chelle cared to call his seating arrangement.

"Welcome back, Mr. Amherst." Mr.L'chelle declared, his unforgettable adoring his lips. Kisten grunted sheepishly. "Well, care to answer my question?"

"And that would be?"

The teacher gave him a small glance of disappointment, making it clear that his tone was unacceptable. Sighing, he repeated himself. "Within the final circle of Dante's Alighieri's Hell we find that Satan, the ever so infamous ruler of the underworld, is encased in ice and practically powerless. Allegorically, does this show that the reign of God is ever-powerful, even to the deepest depths of Hell?"


Mr. L'chelle blinked.

Kisten gave a small breath, "By rendering Satan powerless and causing the conclusion of his journey into Hell to be somewhat anti-climatic Dante refers to the fact that it is no one but yourself and your own flawed human reason that lead you into sin."

"But Satan was the first sinner; he influenced the creation of sin as well as the defiance of God."

"That may be true, and he undoubtedly suffers from the pride he displayed, but he does nothing more than that, as does every other sinner, and they are not influencing the living from their place in damnation. Dante's main concept is the corruption of mankind as they refuse to have faith and reason, and their lack in such things leads them into sin. Take Guido for example, he repented for his evil ways but because he knew what he was doing by giving Benedict the information was wrong he suffers far worse than others."

Mr. L'chelle parted his lips in order to retort, but before the words could find their way from his tongue the bell sounded its declaration. He closed his mouth, nodding in acceptance of his defeat.

Kisten smirked, gathering his things and walking towards the door.

"It seems my little sleeping wallflower has quite the knack for debate." Andrius commented to which the red-head chuckled.

"You don't know the half of it."


Lips crashed together, heated breaths from desperate gasps filled the autumn air, warming what little space could be found between the two teenagers. Hands groped and pulled, demanding immediate intimacy. A tuff of red hair found itself entwined between long fingers, a powerful grip tugging the strands roughly. A muffled moan escaped Kisten's soft lips, allowing for the other's tongue to intrude greedily, but he was thus then silenced as Levi pressed his back against the car door.

The handle dug into Kisten's flesh, but by now he had learned to not protest. He had even become somewhat fond of the pain. Levi pressed their bodies closer together, their hips beginning to grind against each other. The blonde's hands ventured to the bare skin of Kisten's stomach, causing the other to shiver and take told of his wrist.

"Levi…" He breathed, and their eyes met briefly. Kisten felt a jolt of terror shiver though his veins.

A hushed vibration seemed to part the tense air, and he let out a breath he had been oblivious to holding. With a sigh, Levi lifted himself up, taking his place on the opposite side of the car, eyeing Kisten as he pulled out his cell phone.

The glow of the brightly lit screen reflected upon Kisten's face, causing him to look paler than usual. His eyes scanned the text message, widening as the words seemed to register. Shoving the device back into the pocket of his jeans, he looked over to the aloof face of his boyfriend, "Levi," he began hastily, his hand already on the handle of the door, wordlessly illustrating his need for haste. "I'm sorry, but it's Rayne,"

Levi scoffed.

"I have to-" He continued, but was cut off as he opened the door and swung his legs out, "I have to go. I'm sorry."

Kisten pulled himself to a stand, but found that he was just as swiftly seated once more as Levi had took a firm hold on his wrist.

"No, why do you always have to rush off and save him? It's the same pattern. He won't change, just like my brother never did. So why don't you just let it play out? Let him see the consequences of his actions."

"Please, Levi." The red haired teen begged, his blue eyes pleading. "I know it upsets you but he's my friend and he was yours once was well!" Immediately , he withdrew some, knowing he should not have said that.

"So?" Levi growled.

"So," Kisten lowered his voice, "you should know I can't simply watch him suffer. He needs my help." The two shared a long glance.

"Fine." The blonde teen at last obliged, reluctantly releasing Kisten's wrist, and although granted freedom the younger of the two remained.

"I love you…" He murmured softly, averting his eyes, receiving only a grunt in response.

Biting down on his lip, he stood. With a gentle push, the car door came to a close behind him. Committing the messaged to memory he repeated it quietly to himself. Second and fourth, three blocks from the old warehouse. Kisten's pace quickened. He hoped he could remember his way around Shadydale this late in the evening.


Street lights swirled around him, buildings passing by in blurs. He couldn't quite remember when he had began to run, but for some reason he knew that he had to.

His mind was cluttered with memories of the last time Rayne had sent him a message of similar sorts. He had found his friend, after an hour of searching, bloodied and shivering, curled into himself in an alley way.

Kisten still had nightmares about how weak his heart beat had sounded. How the marks he had found, sewn and bandaged up himself left scars. How after that night Rayne never mentioned it again.

Lost in though, he collided with something tall and hard. Swearing under his breath, he thought he had run into a lamp post, and it would not be the first time, but stepping back he found that it was quite the contrary. Before him, a bit flustered as well, was no one other than the familiar raven-haired man known as Andrius L'chelle.

"Kisten?" He inquired, befuddled.

"Ah…erm…um…" Kisten stuttered dumbly. "I, um, I have to go. Sorry." He bowed his head slightly in apology, not once meeting the others gaze and he was ever so sure he could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as he quickly scurried off.

Turning on his heal, Andrius watched after the boy, his lips parted as if desired of call after him. A pang of worry shot through him as the haze of auburn was encased by darkness, and he found himself dwelling idly in that spot for longer than he would care to admit.



Interview w/ Kisten Amherst, Rayne Carson and Andrius L'chelle

Q: Where did you grow up?

Kisten: I was born in San Francisco, but my brother and I moved around quite a lot.

Rayne: Right here in dead end Shadydale.

Andrius: I grew up Anneay, France.

Q: Describe your childhood family.

Kisten: My parents died when I was young. My brother has really been my only family.

Rayne: *huffs* Pass.

Andrius: I was never really close with my family. Just my brother.

Q: What's your happiest childhood memory?

Kisten: Driving cross-country with my brother.

Rayne: Next subject.

Andrius: I always enjoyed our family picnics.

Q: What's your most frightening childhood memory?

Rayne: Why all this childhood crap? Can we move on?

Kisten: Rayne, be nice.

Andrius: *chuckles*

Q: Would you say your childhood was happy? Why? Why not?

Kisten: I'd say it was a little bit of happy and unhappy, because it was far from perfect but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Rayne: …

Andrius: I'm not quite sure.

Q: Who was your best friend in junior high?

Kisten: *eyes Rayne*

Rayne: *grins*

Andrius: Why am I not a part of this?

Kisten: Did you have a best friend?

Rayne: They have those in Europe?

Andrius: I did, his name was Daniel.

Q: What activities did you participate in when you were in high school?

Rayne: Does detention count?

Kisten: I was on the Literary Team one year.

Andrius: I painted.

Q: Did you have a group of friends or one special friend?

Kisten: I'm not one for being very social.

Rayne: Most people don't like me.

Andrius: *shrugs*

Q: What were your aspirations in high school?

Kisten: *raises hand* Still in high school

Rayne: Kisten wants to be a heterosexual male.

Andrius: *laughs*

Q: What's your greatest talent?

Kisten: I don't think I have one. Writing, I guess.

Rayne: Being attractive.

Kisten: *smacks Rayne* He's a wonderful artist.

Andrius: I'm pretty good at playing the piano.

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Kisten: *opens mouth*

Rayne: His gayness.

Kisten: Rayne!

Rayne: Sorry *chuckles*

Q: Do you have any regrets? What are they?

Kisten: Running away from home when I was 12.

Rayne: Leaving my sister behind

Andrius: Wasting my time on those who, in the end, left me for dead.

Q: Do you get along with your parents? Siblings?

Kisten: I suppose.

Rayne: Nope.

Andrius: We get along all right, I assume.

Q: What is special about you?

Kisten: Nothing , really.

Rayne: My perky nipples.

Andrius: *withholding a laugh* Can I have a moment?

Q: What's your strongest opinion?

Kisten: My view on modern literature as opposed to the classics. How things have changed and become trite and over used, and how this generation seems to have failed in making a noteworthy indent in the history of writing.

Rayne: The importance of the freedom of expression.

Andrius: I'm not sure *ponders*

Are you a peacekeeper?

Kisten: *nods*

Rayne: Not at all.

Andrius: Most of the time, yes.

Q: Would you consider yourself intelligent?

Kisten: In a way, yes.

Rayne: Eh, not really.

Andrius: Yes.

Q: Are you compassionate?

Kisten: Far too much so at times.

Rayne: To those who deserve it.

Andrius: I can be.

Q: Do you like animals?

Kisten: Of course! I used to have a cat, and my brother keeps insisting we'll be getting a dog once spring rolls around again.

Rayne: Who doesn't like animals?

Kisten: Losers, losers don't like animals.

Andrius: What if I happened to not like animals?

Rayne: Then you, sir, would be a loser.

Kisten: You don't like animals?

Andrius: *chuckles* I do.

Q: Do you like where you live? Why? Why not?

Kisten: No. It is a dead end town filled with dead end people that care for nothing more than their picket fence lives and show no decency for anyone who speaks out otherwise.

Rayne: Kisten pretty much covered it. That's how we all feel here on More Street.

Andrius: I moved her not too long ago, and originally being from France it is quite a culture shock, but the change is nice.

Q: If you could be any other person, who would you be?

Kisten: *mumbles* Allesandro D'oria.

Rayne: I try not to think about what if's. They tend to drive you insane.

Andrius: I'm pretty pleased with who I am.

Q: What's your favorite movie? TV show? Why?

Kisten: V for Vendetta. I have no real reason for liking it, and I've even seen it enough times to where I can claim it is boring, but it always comes up as my favorite.

Rayne: I have this thing for cop shows…*scratches temple*

Andrius: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Q: Which character trait do you think is most important? Why?

Kisten: Kindness.

Rayne: Independence.

Andrius: Honesty

Q: What's your favorite food? Color? Music? Season?

Kisten: Well, I really like pizza.

Rayne: And he means really.

Kisten: …The color green. My music taste varies, but for the most part it stays within the bounds of 80's and 90's rock music and my favorite season is fall.

Rayne: I pretty much like all types of food. My favorite color is blue. I typically enjoy metal as well as grunge and punk rock, and my favorite season is winter.

Andrius: Well, my favorite food is Baeckeoffe.

*Kisten and Rayne exchange glances*

Andrius: I like all types of music, like Kisten I enjoy fall mostly and I greatly enjoy the color purple although I often find myself jaded. *chuckles*

Rayne: *nudges Kisten* I think he was trying to make a joke *whispered*

Q: Do you believe in a higher power?

Kisten: I could care less.

Rayne: No.

Andrius: *nods* I do.

Q: Would you consider yourself religious?

*All exchange glances before mutually shaking their heads*

Q: Would you lie if you knew you wouldn't be caught?

Kisten: I would say no to sound like a good person, but I probably would.

Rayne: Eh. Most likely.

Andrius: I see no point in lying.

Q: If you could do anything, what would it be?

Kisten: Travel around the world.

Rayne: Become a famous artist.

Andrius: Let go of my past…*sighs*

Q: Are you brave? Trustworthy? Honest?

Kisten: I'm surely not brave, but I suppose I am honest and trustworthy.

Rayne: I'm pretty brave, not too sure about those other two though.

Andrius: I would like to believe I fall into the category of all three.

Q: What's your biggest fault?

Kisten: How often I put others before my own well being.

Rayne: My anger.

Andrius: I tend to over think things.

Q: Have you tried to change your biggest fault?

Kisten: *shakes head*

Rayne: Tried time and time again…

Andrius: My mind has a will of its own.

Q: Do you have a sense of humor?

Kisten: I like to think so.

Rayne: It's pretty absurd, but yeah *laughs*

Andrius: It depends on the day.

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