Gray eyes laced with what seemed like charcoal eyeliner, pupils the same as snakes. Long eyelashes, thick like a woman's however fitting of the male who bore them. Hunger, desire, nothing but evil lurking in those misty irises. He knew exactly what the taller male was going to do. He knew he should run since he had heard such rarities in folklore. Intriguing, incredibly gorgeous and vigorous like an animal they were. Once their hands placed upon your skin it would be that of a thousand suns, burning you until there was nothing left. Teeth would prick at your skin, ripping at your throat as claws left marks deeper than the innermost core of the Earth into your flesh. You would feel only pleasure; your mind fogged in lust as your eyes would haze, eventually closing to never reopen.

This monster, this devil spawn and possibly Satan himself stood before him, his shoulders exposed the palest white skin. It was as bright as a full moon, and just as that mood had effect on the waves, the beast's skin did just that to his heart. His body moved on its own, stepping to the craving being as if it wanted this. It wanted to feel the pain of his own heart being ripped out of his chest with the animal like teeth of the other. To feel the nails as they dragged down his chest, a trail of crimson following its wake.

Pale hands caressed the shorter male's shoulders, making his heart nearly stop as he noticed something strange. His hands didn't have any source of heat, let alone to heat of a thousand suns. Rather, they were the same as an ice cube, sending goose bumps all over his skin.

"Come," The only word spoken by the monster of a man. He led the blue eyed hybrid to an abandoned building, pressing his back against the wall. Blue eyes could only stare up at him, aghast with the feeling of his cold hands as they caressed his cheekbones, his fingertips curling in the dark locks of hair that contrasted with the beast's white hair.

Unnatural eyes locked onto blue, their pupils never leaving the other's as the shorter male's heart stirred in his chest; wanting, needing, desperate for the monster's touch. It was all overtaking his mind. The taller male's body pressed against the blue eyed boy's, even just the feeling of their clothes crumpling against each other was enough to send him spiraling into a fit of haywire. He shut his eyes tightly, his arms finally finding their way around his neck.

Succubi were a strange species. They have passionate sessions of love, sucking up the sounds of moans as if they lived off of them. Yet, no form of a kiss was given, as it were seen to be a symbol of actual affection for their 'meal.'

However, somehow the feeling of warm lips pressed against the blue eyed boy's, sending a rush of familiarity into his mind. The kiss lasted forever, eternity maybe, however neither minded until the white haired male pulled away. The brunette could only muster one thing before his lips were captured once again.