The loud music blasted through the small bar as the foursome sat inside. It was karaoke night at their job and though they were off Raine decided to wanted to stay here tonight. She wanted to stay in fear Nick might show back up and go after her brother again as he sat in the back office. She wasn't sure what all happened or was going to happen, but she knew one thing. She was confused as hell. Part of her honestly felt bad for Nick. He really was just an innocent bystander in the love story of Tenley Brady and Colton Wells.

Everyone who knew them knew that anyone who ever tried to venture into one of the twos lives was just a cliff note. A small chapter in a whole series of love. It was sad if she thought about it but it was true.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Laken tapped into her friend as the red head stared outside at the parking lot.

"Think it might storm," Raine spoke casually with a shrug, then glanced back down at her drink. Laken looking over at James who had kept his eyes on Raine all night. He knew she was being quiet. He knew she was lost and confused and he knew she had about a million thoughts running through her mind but he just didn't know what to say.

"Hey kids," Colton walked up to the two younger girls he loved so much. "I'm about to head out. I need to run home and shower and grab a couple things. Are ya'll going to be here a minute?" he wondered, knowing he didn't plan on being here all day but he had gotten stuck. After the whole scene with Nick, he went back to his office and tried to work but his mind couldn't stay off the beautiful brunette he wanted so bad to reach out too. However, unsure what he was supposed to say. "I was supposed to bring something to work for Benji just haven't made it back home yet. I'll be back to close up just need to grab it for him."

"Of course," Laken beamed with a head tilt. "We will be here if something gets crazy."

"Thank you so much," Colton glanced at his sister who still just stared at her drink. "Ray…"

"Yeah," Raine looked up after a moment and forced a smile. "Yeah, Colton I don't mind watching the place," she went back to her drink and Colton's head dropped. He wasn't sure if she was mad at him but he really hoped she wasn't. He wasn't sure why she would be mad at him. He didn't punch anyone.

"Thanks…" he lingered a moment, tapping his knuckle to the table he spun on his feet and out the door.

"Babe…" James pulled Raines attention to him and her brow kinked. "Want to step outside with me? We can get some air…"

"Sure," Raine stood and without a glance to anyone at the table moved toward the back door.

"I'll make sure she is ok," James stood to follow the direction she walked off too.

"What is going on?" EJ asked so confused to why everyone seemed in a weird mood. "I feel I've missed things."

"You miss everything," Laken laughed and looked around for her friend that was waiting on him. "But let's do a shot."

Hearing the heavy door shut behind her, Raine pulled out a small white stick and flicked the light to it. She didn't smoke. Not really, but every once in a while, the thought of the nicotine rushing through her veins relaxed her. And feeling relaxed seemed nice.

"You, ok?" James pushed his hands in his pockets and slowly moved toward the quiet girl. "Never seen you smoke before," he spun to ease on the brick wall beside her.

"I don't…not really," she looked at it burn then took a long hit of the cigarette. "But sometimes it's really nice."

"I know what you mean," he slid his hand over her small one to bring it to his mouth. "God, I haven't smoked in years," he blew out the smoke as the old familiar feeling took over his body. Knowing if his sister was here right now, she'd kick his ass.

"Don't want to be a bad influence and get you started again…" Raine nervously chewed her lip, hoping she didn't ruin something he tried so hard to quit.

"Na…" James shook his head, taking one more hit before giving it back. "Every now and then I can have a hit and fine. I more meant haven't bought any in years."


"What's going on babe?" James knocked into her side after a long moment of her being quiet. "Why do you seem so sad?"

"I don't know," Raine released a dry laugh and gripped her hand through her hair. "I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm not mad or sad or…anything. I don't know," she looked at him with a half-smile. "Think… I just think…"

"Think what babe," he stood up and in front of her taking her hands. "Just think what?"

"Think I'm a little sad," she finally admitted with a shrug. "Think so much shit is going on and you're about to leave and that I didn't get to spend as much time with you as I was wanting."

"Raine," James ran his hands through her hair and brought his forehead to rest against hers. "I don't want to leave when all this crap is happening. I know you just need a break from it all."

"I get kinda tired of trying to take care of everything. I'm just really tired of it all. I just want to be a normal twenty-four-year-old who gets to focus on their own shit for a while."

"We should do a vacation…"

"We already did that James."

"No…no not like when you came to California or when I came here. I true honest vacation with no work, no other people and just us."

"That sounds amazing," she finally smiled and leaned up pressing her lips to his. "To bad I don't know if that will happen."

"We will make it happen," James stressed, Raine's lip slipping into her mouth as she glanced down. "Next month after my show. We will take off Raine. Even if it's for a weekend we will just go. Talk to Tenley, see if you can get your schedule figured out. Hell, quit for all I care. Let's just go."

"Just go," she smiled and he nodded and smiled back. "Ok…. just me and you. No distractions."

"Just a break for you to relax."

"I'm so down," she leaned in kissing him and he felt so much better when he felt her relax a fraction. Standing on her feet she pressed her chest against his and his arms clung around her small body holding her tight. He knew that if there was one thing, he was sure of he wanted to spend all his time making sure she was happy. He was so crazy about this girl it made his head spin. "James," Raine giggled and it sounded like music to his ears as he spun her and pressed her up against the brick wall behind them. Threading her fingers through his hair she pulled him as close as she could get him. Wanting her whole body to just disappear in him.

"Raine…" he pulled back panting as he studied those gorgeous eyes. "God, I love you," his words washed over her and she smiled. James swore she might be the most selfless person he had ever met.

"That's good," she giggled and suddenly she was back to her happy, go lucky, self. "Come on," she tugged him back into the building and toward their table. Looking up and catching the older woman standing there looking around. "Ten…hey," Raine eased back into her seat not getting the panic on her face. "You, ok?"

"Is Colton here?" Tenley rushed to ask as she looked around. "He wasn't in the office."

"He had to run to the house," Laken told her and Tenley slowly nodded. "But said he would be back in a little while to shut down."

"Tenny…" Raine touched her shoulder causing Tenley's head to snap back at her. "You, ok?" she wondered, curious if she found out about the day's events. She hadn't told her. She did however text Benji in hopes he would be able to help defuse the situation but by the time he showed up it was over with. He ate some food, asked his dad if he came back later could he get some stuff he left at his house, and was gone. However, Raine wasn't sure if he told his mom or not.

"Yeah," Tenley offered a gentle smile and squeezed Raine's hand. "I just need to talk to him."

"He should be home by now," James told her. "He legit left like ten minutes ago."

"Thank you," she smiled and turned on her feet and toward the front door. Raine watched as she went curious to everything that was going on.

Killing the engine of her car Tenley sat outside the apartment and stared in the window. She saw him. She saw his body move through the light and she was nervous. If she was honest, she was scared shitless. Twenty steps. That's as far as he was from her but to her it seemed miles away. Grabbing the small container of food, she pulled herself from the car and started to move to the door. Her legs feeling like a million pounds with every step she took. Up the steps of the high-end apartments, she paused at the door, chewing hard on her lip.

She glanced back at her car debating if she should get back in and run, but instead with a shaky hand she slowly knocked on the door, holding her breath the whole time as she waited for it to swing open. The heavy footsteps sounded on the other side of the door and the annoyance in his tone as he swung it open quickly erasing.

"Hi…" her voice sounded broken as a small smile tug on his face. He didn't expect to see her. He honestly didn't know when he would again but it didn't mean his heart didn't skip for the woman before him.

"Ten," his smile grew and he opened the door for her to come in. "What are you doing here?"

"I made to much pasta," she randomly blurted out, placing the container on the counter and tugging her jacket off. "I worried you haven't been eating."

"Thanks," he shut the door and moved toward her, feeling her shiver at his closeness as he opened the lid and smelled it. Like always it smelling like heaven. "Smells delicious, taste even better," he popped a piece in his mouth and she smiled. He liked her sauce.

"Colton…" her brows pulled at the mark on his face. "What happened?" she grabbed his cheek and ran her finger across the cut on his lip.

"Oh," he stepped back putting the lid back on the container and moving to grab a bowl. "Guess your boyfriend," he spit his name out with a shrug, "found out about us," he shrugged like it didn't matter because to him it didn't. He didn't care at all. He didn't regret it, never would, and honestly didn't blame the guy for hitting him. "I don't know how he found out. I promise Ten, I didn't say anything," he rushed to say with a shrug. Putting the pasta in the bowl, he moved to the microwave as she watched. "Only you and I know…and Benji but I know he didn't say anything. Ben wouldn't tell him," he told her and her eyes dropped to the floor. "But I'm sorry if you caught shit for it."

"I told him…" Tenley whispered and Colton's brows pulled. "I told him what happened."

"Why?" Colton questioned as she sat, biting her lip and leg bouncing.

"Because it wasn't fair him not knowing," she answered honestly with a shrug. "And because what we did wasn't ok." She spoke and Colton tensed at her tone. "Nick has been nothing but kind to me and me putting him in this wasn't ever ok. Me sleeping with you wasn't ok."

"I'm your husband Tenley," his tone sharp and her eyes closed. "It wasn't an ongoing thing. We slept together one night after to many drinks and getting caught in a moment. I'll take the blame if you want. However, we've had many moments behind his back. I will not take the full blame for them. I will take the brunt if that's what you ask but you were there! You were right there with me! And that night, that night when we got home to our house you were there again!"

"I know," Tenley's voice low as she stood and closed her eyes breathing in deep. "I'm not blaming you, Colton. I never once said it was you."

"Then what are you saying? Why are you here then? If you didn't know about today then why are you here?" his hand threw up as she stood in his hallway breathing. "Ten…" he touched her shoulder and she pulled away. "Love, what are you doing here?"

"I broke up with him…" she mumbled low and Colton froze. "I told him it wasn't fair what I was putting him through," she turned to look at him with tears in her eyes. "I told him it wasn't fair to keep investing in he and I when I knew I'd never be able to give my heart to him. To ever give it to anyone…"

"Tenley," Colton replayed his talk with Nick today telling him how Tenley would end up alone because he had ruined her.

"The last time I stood in your apartment confessing everything it didn't go well…but I'm going to try again…one last time."

"Ten…" he stepped toward her and she stepped back closing her eyes.

"I love you…" her tears started to pour out and he held his breath. "I'll always love you, Colton. I'll never love anyone the way I love you," she gave a half shrug and in that moment the pain on her face completely shattered him. "I gave you so many signs. I allowed so much. I tried so hard to make you realize until I couldn't anymore. My whole heart is completely broken because you forgot."

"Forgot what?" he swallowed hard.

"To love me back," her voice broke and his eyes closed. "God, Colton…" she ran a hand through her hair and stepped back trying to calm herself. "You used to love me like crazy. People couldn't have put a tooth pick between us because no one could pull us apart. You put everything into us then you just stopped…" her voice broke with a shrug. "I didn't want to leave… I just want that man back…"

"Baby…I-" he stopped when he knew he couldn't argue that. She was right. She was completely right.

"What did I do wrong?" she cried and his whole heart broke. He never meant for her to feel that way. He just always assumed she would be there and it was completely his fault losing her in the shuffle of everything. "Why did you stop loving and wanting me?"

"No!" he dove toward her, cupping her face in his hands as tears formed in his eyes. He would never mean to hurt her. She was the last person in this world he would want to hurt. "Ten…. You never did anything wrong. God love…you never did anything wrong."

"I did…" Tenley whimpered and her eyes closed. "You stopped touching me…you stopped talking to me… we'd go days without seeing each other…. days not talking and it used to bother you so much but then…. then it seemed like you didn't care at all. You go stuck in the rhythm of our life and you didn't care I was hurting or missing you. You didn't care I slept alone. You didn't care about anything!"

"Ten…" he tried to pull her close but she shoved back stepping away.

"I just want this pain to stop…" she slammed her hand into her chest. "I want it to stop…it hurts so bad…you hurt me so bad Colton. So bad."

"I'm sorry," he rushed back to her and wiped her tears. "Baby, I'm so sorry. If I could go back I would. If I could take all your pain I would. God baby girl do you not know how in love with you I am?"

"No," she answered honestly. "I used to but not anymore."

"Ten," he pulled her into him as she sobbed into his chest. "I'm so sorry. I'll never be able to tell you how sorry I am and how I want to make everything better. Make your heart better…make you stop crying. I'm so tired of seeing you cry. And I hate I'm the cause of it…." He held her as tight as he could and kissed the top of her head. "Hurting you is the last thing I've ever wanted in my life. Ten…" he pulled back and looked at her. "I want us back…" he told her honestly and her eyes closed. "I fucked up… I messed up… and I hurt you but I swear on my life if you give me one more chance," he dipped to make eyes contact with her, "one more chance I'll never let you go again," he promised and in that small moment something flipped in her eyes as she stared in his. For the first time in years, she saw the old him…the him she fell in love with…the him that stood up for her to his family, the him that would give up everything for her. "I'll never let you go again…"

"Colton…" she whispered and his lips came crashing down on hers and she released a whimper as his hands framed her face and pulled her close. Her losing her thoughts as his arms circled her waste and lifted her up in his arms and her legs wrapped around his waist. Sitting her on the counter he cursed the tears he felt on his face from her eyes. He should have done this the first time. He should have done this when they were young kids standing in a small apartment and she expressed everything she felt. But instead, he walked away from her. He put her through so much pain and he would not repeat that mistake again.

"God, I miss you…" he mumbled against her lips and felt her release a small cry. "Ten…" he pulled back to make eye contact…searching her eyes for anything. "We aren't finished…"

"I don't know if we will ever be done…" she finally whispered and he felt his heart tightened praying she was right. "Damn, Colton…" she ran her hand through his hair staring at him. "I'm never going to get over you…"

"I don't want you too…" he breathed running his thumb across her bottom lip and shrugged. "I'll never stop loving you…I'm who you are supposed to be with Tenley Brady and if I have to work the rest of my life to fix this I will…"

"I love you…" she finally spoke and he felt his whole heart explode.

"I love you too baby…" he dove into kiss her again… his phone next to him going off and he tried to ignore it before Tenley's started to ring in her purse. "Ignore it…" he growled against her lips, holding her so tight she couldn't move. Colton afraid if he released her, she would disappear.

"It could be the kids," she mumbled against his lips as her hand searched for her phone in her purse. Finally pulling back from their kiss she looked at the miss call on her phone. Colton resting his head against hers panting, she placed her small hand on his chest to push him back a half step. "It's Benji…"

"He, ok?" Colton grabbed his phone also seeing a missed call from his son.

"I don't know," she flipped her hair back and hit the redial button. Colton watching intensely with each ring. "Benji…" they both released a breath neither realized they were holding when he answered. Very unlike their son to call them both back-to-back.

"Hey mom," Benji killed the engine to his car as he sat in the dark parking lot.

"You, ok? You called both me and your dad and scared the hell out of me."

"I'm fine mom," he laughed before letting something click. "You're with dad?"

"Umm…yes…" Tenley mumbled out almost embarrassed as she rubbed her swollen lip. "I brought him over some food."

"Mhmm…" Benji smirked finding that very interesting. She hasn't brought him dinner in years but randomly decide today to do it after he got clocked by his mom's boyfriend.


"Mother," he matched her tone before letting out a loud laugh that caused Tenley to roll her eyes. "Look, I'm alive and fine. Yet, dad was supposed to meet me to give me some stuff I left over there. I need it for tomorrow."

"Oh…" Tenley's eyes travel over to the bag sitting by the door. Colton following her gaze and shook his head. Colton forgot. He came home for the sole purpose to get his son's stuff but totally spaced when Tenley cleared the door. "He can bring it now."

"Ten…" Colton growled running his hand through his hair. Yes, he wanted to get it to his son but he felt he was on the edge of his wife coming back and he just wanted five more minutes…maybe ten.

"No rush…Raine is here so I may go in and see her. You just continue…. dinner…"

"It's legit just dinner, Benji," Tenley made clear not really sure what her son was implying. However, feeling a little uncomfortable with it. She knew he wasn't dumb and knows what he walked in on a few weeks back, however that wasn't the case here.

"Sure, mom. Tell dad hi and I'll see ya'll later," he told her before hanging up laughing.

"Why does he always do that?" Tenley hung up the phone and put it back on the counter. "Always just assumes…"

"Because he is my son…" Colton teased stepping back toward her and placing his hands on either side of her on the counter. "Tenley…" his breath danced across her face as he rested his head against hers. Both falling back into a comfortable silence they hadn't shared in years. Breathing her in, Colton's eyes danced all over her and took in the beautiful woman she had turned into. How he got so lucky he'll never know. And how he fucked it up so bad he will never understand. He hated himself.

"I want to tell you something…" Tenley whispered low and nervous. "About Nick…"

"Ok…" Colton swallowed hard and gripped the counter. "What?"

"You…you made some comments about stuff. Stuff like how I was using you to get things he couldn't achieve."

"Ten…" he shook his head pulling back. "I really don't need to hear this. It's fine. It's ok. We were separated and-"

"No!" she rushed to grab his wrist pulling him back. "No, Colton listen." She searched his eyes and saw all the panic in him. She knows he doesn't at all want to hear anything she did with Nick. "I didn't."

"You didn't what?"

"Sleep with him…I never did," she offered a small shrug and with wide eyes he took a step back shocked. "I just…I couldn't go through with it. Ever. I just couldn't."

"Seriously?" Colton tried to hold back a laugh making her eyes slant.


"You were with that guy eight months and you two never slept together?"

"I wasn't ready…" she shrugged not getting why he found this funny. She thought he would be happy about it. "He wasn't you and separated or not it never felt ok."

"Oh Tenley," his head rolled back with a large smile and dove at her catching her mouth back on his. "You're so damn perfect," their kiss turned deeper as he lifted her in his arms and shuffled toward the back room. Laying her across his bed she looked up at him nervous as he slowly pulled his shirt over his head and looked at her. "This, ok?" he asked not sure if he was pushing the line. She came here, she confessed everything but she didn't say she wanted this or them fully back.

"Yes," she breathed out sitting up on the bed and latching her hand on the back of his neck bringing him down to her. "God, yes…" she fussed their lips back together with a kiss that caused a shiver down his body.

Stripping quickly from their clothes, Colton took time to study every part of her. Though they had slept together a few weeks back this was different. They hadn't been drinking. He didn't feel rushed in fear she would push him away or stop them. This time…this time it was just them again.

Brushing his lips against hers, he felt a small sigh of content as he started looking at her. Naked bodies pushed against one another, they listened to the storm roll in above them. The lightening lighting up the small room and they just stared at each other. Panting heavy, both felt their heart race as they just stared.

"Colton…" Tenley breathed out reaching to hold onto his wrist as his hand cupped her cheek and stroked her bottom lip. "What are you thinking?"

"That…" he paused running laps all over her body he suddenly felt like a nervous teenage boy not knowing his next step. There was so much he wanted to say but feared she would run. He didn't want to ruin this moment with her but there was something he wanted to say. He needed to know. Before they went any further, he needed to know what this meant. "What will this mean for us?" he finally spoke before slowly dancing his eyes back to hers. "We do this Ten…what happens? I can't go back to what we are doing. I want us…" his hand slid to rest on her heart and felt it race. "I want all of us."

"Colton…" she touched his cheek. "I do too…"


"Yeah, baby…" her heart exploded when the smile spread across his face. "Come home, Colton. Please come home…" she begged and watched when the first time in years his eyes light up and mouth crashed into hers.

"Yes…" he groaned in her mouth making her smile. "God, yes…" his mouth started to trail down her body, showing special attention to every part of her soft skin as he went.

"Colton…" she panted out as his hand gripped her breast and his mouth descended under the sheet. It feeling like a fire ripping through her as his mouth gently teased along her thigh and up to her center. Reaching almost to her most private part before pulling back. Teasing her a little longer before blowing a hot breath across her and she felt her body tingle. "Please…" she begged grabbing onto his head and shoving her forward and lifting her hips. Hearing him chuckle before flatting out his tongue and diving into her. The moment his tongue touched her and his soft lips wrapped around her she felt herself start to explode.

Two years, two long years since she felt his mouth on her like he was now. God, she missed it. His mouth was really a work of art that since she was sixteen ran through her mind constantly. She didn't lie a few weeks ago. No, one makes love like Colton does.

"Colton…" her back arched forward, Colton clinging to her thighs holding her in her space as he lapped up every bit of her. "Oh my god!" her eyes screwed shut, nails dug into his hair as the trembles raced through her body. Ever nerve ending in her feeling on fire as he trailed his kisses back up her body. Yanking to slam his mouth back with hers, Tenley nipped his already sore lip and flipped them over. "My turn…" she smirked and his eyes widened.

"It's not my birthday…" Colton mumbled as Tenley started to suck hard on his neck and eyes closed. "You don't have too…" he made clear, knowing it really wasn't Tenley favorite thing to do. It never really bothered him. He was completely ok if she never did it, because everything else was always so perfect. His body really hadn't missed it.

"I want too…" Tenley pulled back to look at him, flipping her hair over her shoulder and placing a sweet kiss to his lips. "I want all of you…" she smirked, trailing her own kisses down his body and his heart raced as she disappeared under the sheet.

"Oh fuck…" his hands slammed on his face as he felt her tongue lick up him before fully taking him in her mouth. "Fuck…"

"Have I told you how beautiful you looked tonight?" James asked as he swayed to the music with the gorgeous strawberry blonde in his arms.

"No," Raine smiled up at him, curling a strand behind her ear. "But thank you."

"You're welcome," he laughed holding her close. "And I don't think anyone tells you enough how special you are. The way you take care of everyone no questions asked is beautiful. The world would be a way better place if there was more people like you in it."

"James…" Raine's smile grew as she bit her lip.

"When Greg died…" he started slow and she nodded him to continue. "I got really dark. Shut everyone out. Part of me always blamed myself for it."


"Because we just always thought we were invincible. How stupid is that? And I guess I always thought I should have protected my friend. All of them really."

"James you were all stupid kids. All of us at that age hear stories but always assume it won't happen to us. God, we've all done things that later think, damn I'm so glad I made it home safe. You can't blame yourself. It could have easily been any one of ya'll."

"I blamed Benry for a while…god I hated the guy, but though it took me a long time I realized I couldn't hate him," he shrugged, the first time in all these years actually admitting that. Yet, he made a decision outside he wasn't going to let his issues cause more on Raine. She needed him to open up more and he was going to do that. She deserved that. "We flipped a coin, Ray. We all stood outside and flipped a damn coin. Any of us could have been driving. Benry just lost."

"Did…did someone hit ya'll?" Raine asked carefully, not sure if she should just let him talk or ask questions. He was opening up but she didn't want to push him.

"A fucking deer…" James released a dry laugh and shook his head. "We were all listening to music and laughing and for two seconds Benry glanced to turn the radio up. I don't remember who asked him but someone did and two seconds…it was only two seconds," he shook his head thinking about it. "Brad, yelled Ben and the next thing I know I woke up in an upside-down car and cop cars everywhere."

"Oh my god, James…"

"I think the cops were focused so hard on trying to get us all out to know we had been drinking. Benry wasn't in great shape, so they just quickly rushed him to the hospital to get him into surgery. Brad had a messed-up knee and concussion and was taken and I just stood there looking at my friend. I just sat stuck in the back seat looking at him. His eyes were open but he wasn't there anymore."

"James I'm so sorry. I wish I could take your pain away. That memory."

"Part of me was happier I was in the back with him. I just held his hand until they pulled me out. Bradley didn't need to see his brother like that. No one should see someone they love look like that."

"But you did," Raine reminded and his head dropped. "You saw your brother like that," she spoke quietly and he nodded. Raine not ever knowing how that must fear and never wanting to ever see it. Yeah, her mom and Colton were in a wreck when she was a baby but if she is honest, she doesn't remember any of it. She was almost two when it happened and the next memory, she had was her mom being home.

"Yeah," he cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. "Want a shot?" he blurted out trying to clear his mind of the imagine.

"Yeah, babe," she laced their fingers together and moved toward the bar. "Let's get you one."

"Uhhh…" released from her soft lips as Colton rolled his hips forward into her. The night was perfect. Everything with them right now in this moment was perfect. He wished he could replay this night over and over for the rest of his life. "Colton…" she flipped them over planting her hands on his chest as she rolled her hips along him. The feeling for the third time tonight coming over her and making her scream.

She was hundred percent convinced that Colton Wells mission tonight was to completely drain her of any energy she may have tomorrow. He was being so gentle with her and making sure to give her all the attention she was almost positive she wouldn't be walking for a minute since she still wasn't feeling her legs. Damn this man.

"God, Ten…" Colton sat up gripped her hips and slamming his mouth into hers. "You feel so damn good, baby…" he groaned yanking a handful of her hair and hearing her growl at him.

"You too…" Tenley panted throwing her head back and Colton's mouth dropped to her breast. Sliding up and down him, she felt her walls tightened around him and like always when he knows she is about to finish Colton flipped her on back pounding into her a few more times before he reached her peek and he hit his.

"Oh my god," Tenley's nails dug into his back and he groaned kissing her. "Damn…" Colton rolled off her and both laid there panting. "That was fun…" Tenley looked at him and he laughed.

"Yeah…" he looked over at her and touched her cheek. "Come here," he tugged her back into him giving a gentle kiss.

"Colton…" she laughed pulling from their kiss when his hand started to run back down her body. "Again?"

"Again…and again…and again…" he trailed kisses along her neck causing her eyes to flutter shut. "I haven't gotten to touch you fully in two years. I haven't had sex in over two years. Other than that, one night at the bar, but we were drinking. I was probably sloppy."

"Anything but…" Tenley told him, their time together yes not romantic, but she wouldn't say he was sloppy. He more seemed desperate and scared. "But…"

"For the lover of good, Ten, don't say but anything…"

"No…" she shook her head instantly knowing he was worried she was about to go back on everything they said earlier. "No, Colton…" she touched his cheek and offered a gentle kiss. "I just thought…well assumed you at some point would have been with someone else."

"What?" Colton looked at her lost why she would ever think that. "Why? Why would you ever think that?"

"I don't know…" she shrugged nervously. She didn't want to upset him. "Just we weren't together. And I was with Nick and you thought I was. So, I just assumed…"

"No," Colton shook his head quickly. "Tenley, I haven't slept hell even kissed another girl, but you since I was seventeen years old."

"Colton…" Tenley bit her lip and felt bad. Sadly, she couldn't say the same thing. "God, Colton," she rolled back on top of him and gave him a kiss. "There's my boy…"

"I'll make sure he stays this time," he promised and she slowly nodded. "But I guess I need to get that stuff to Benji."

"Yeah, I'll get dressed and I'll drive you."

"Yeah?" a light sparked in his eyes and she slowly nodded and smiled. "Maybe I'll pack a small bag?"

"Yeah, I'd really like that. Plus, I miss our bed. That couch sucks," Tenley explained climbing from the bed and searching for her clothes. Colton looking at her as she did and a little confused by that comment but just stood and got dressed. She was letting him come home. Other than that, nothing else mattered.