So I wasn't going to update yet, but then so many people were like Colton died?! I was like holy shit! Colton died?! Then realized I was the writer and couldn't understand why I thought that! I'm silly! But no, no Colton didn't die because that would be sad…I'm like pathetically in love with a fictional character…that I created…I might need therapy.

Enjoy while I debate this therapy thing…

The blasting of the loud music made his pounding head hurt that much more. He enjoyed running this place, he enjoyed having it but some days, a lot more lately, he honestly hated it. Scanning his eyes over the crowd at the girl in the corner he watched her. It amazed him how the sweet little kid who used to cling to his leg was all grown up. Was no longer his Princess. He honestly wished he could go back to that time, his life was so much better at that time.

"How many more cases do we need?" the dark eyes scanned over the list in front of him as he tapped his pen to the pad.

"Uhh…" he pulled his attention to the man next to him and thought. "I say four more," he ran his hand through his short blonde hair as counted the boxes in front of him. "Maybe five…"

"Alright," he short-handed down the list. "So Benji is about to start senior year, huh?" he commented as he finished taking tally of everything.


"Ten and I were talking earlier about not believing how fast time flies," he shook his head watching his friend's reaction slowly. "Seems barely last year we were rushing Tenley to the hospital…"

"Yup," he shut his notebook and slid his stuff in his pocket. "But I'm out. I have to pick up Arie," he announced, grabbing his phone and keys from the counter.

"Tell her I said hi," he flashed his perfect grin, reaching for the new case. Very aware his best friend just cut their conversation short again.

"Yeah…" he barely muttered before heading out the front door, a gust of cold air whipping through the small bar before the door closed back.

"Still grumpy?" the strawberry blonde appeared by his side with worry all over her face.

"He's not good without her," he gave a slight shrug. "And they are both way to stubborn to discuss it."

"They will…" Raine reached up touching Max's arm with a shrug. "Like you said he isn't good without her, and she is terrible without him. They will figure it out, they always do," she gave his hand a squeeze, before grabbing her some clean glasses and heading towards the bar.

"You good, girl?" Laken looked at her best friend as she dropped the large container with a thud.

"Just need some air," she mumbled, pushing through the swinging door and moving through the kitchen. Ignoring everyone as she moved out the heavy back door and let the cold air hit her in the face. Flickering the flame on her lighter, she pulled the stick from her bra and lit it up. Inhaling deep she blew out smoke before pulling her phone out of her back pocket she slid the bar on the bottom and hit the contacts on her list to hear the phone ring.

"Hello?" he plugged his finger in his ear, trying to hear over the loud music.

"Hey…" she sunk down on a crate outside and let out a long breath. "Can…can you hear me? Sorry…are you busy?"

"No…" he told her quickly, holding his finger up at his friends. "Just…just wait a second," he told her as he stood up. "Guys I'll be right back…" he said, pushing through the crowd and toward the back hall. "You still there?"

"Still here," she slumped against the wall.

"You ok?"

"Yeah…I just…I needed to hear your voice," she told him honestly. "Having just one of those days…" she mumbled, picking the string on her jeans. "Colton is having a bad day…" she shrugged with a long sigh.

"Well what's going on? Just still the whole Tenley thing?"

"I just don't understand what is wrong with them!" she snapped, standing up and taking a long drag of her cigarette. "They love each other. Just yesterday she got upset because I said his name. His name James. She is hurting him and it just…pisses me off."

"Raine I know, I know. And I know it hurts you and I know how upset you are because you love him and he is your brother. However don't forget she…she is your sister," he reminded her. "And I'm not trying to overstep and say anything that will upset you but…but you yourself have said before she… was almost like your mom."

"How am I supposed to love her when she is hurting him? How am I supposed to see her as this…this amazing person I've loved so much when she is hurting the one person who has always been there for me?"

"Tenley has always been there for you."

"This whole situation sucks," she growled shaking her head. Running her hand over her forehead as she frowned. She hated this, she always felt like she was stuck in the middle. However no one really made her there. Tenley never spoke ill of Colton, Colton sure as hell didn't even utter a bad thing about Tenley, but it still didn't make things better. They still weren't together. "I just wish you were here," she finally admitted what she wanted. "I just wish you were right here in front of me. Wish I could touch you and have you hold me and just tell me everything will be ok."

"I wish the same thing baby girl. I wish it more than you know," he slumped against the wall and let out a sigh. "God..." he ran his hand over his hair and shook his head. "Damn it…"

"Damn it…" she let out a dry laugh and shook her head. "Can't you just…just venture that tour this way?"

"Can't you just use the ticket I send you?" he challenged knowing the last one he sent she didn't use. She said she would, he was planning for her too; than last minute she called, said something came up and didn't show up. He was disappointed; he had been waiting almost three long months to see her.

"I…" she opened her mouth to tell him and then paused before frowning. "I got scared," she confessed. "What if phone me is way better than real life me?"

"Not possible," he told her without missing a beat. "Raine, you're perfect."

"I'm so far from perfect," she let out a laugh shaking her head. "For all you know I'm a four hundred pound guy with a very girlie voice."

"Well if that is the case, I'll just kick your ass when I see you," he shrugged; however knowing it was no way possible for Raine to be anything but perfect. "Just come see me…"

"God…" she ran her hand over her mouth as she thought. Pulling in a long breath before slowly nodding. "When?" she knotted her hand through her hair. "When?"

"Next weekend," he answered quickly. "Next weekend we are going to be in San Francisco. Have you ever been there?"

"No…we've never really traveled much out of the south," she told him.

"Then come," he begged. "It's gorgeous and fun and…and I want to see you," he pleaded and loved when he heard her laugh.

"Do you ever beg for anything?"

"Not often…" he smiled and pictured her biting down on her lip. "Come…I'll call and set up your ticket and everything."

"Ok…" she breathed out a long breath and nodded. "But could I…could I bring Laken?" she wondered, in fear that if it wasn't all she thought and then just being stuck alone in some place she didn't know.

"Wouldn't expect you to come without her…" he responded knowing that would be a definite. "As long as you are there I don't care if you bring the entire family."

"I wouldn't," she laughed, sucking on the last of her slim white stick and tossing it on the ground. "But I have to go. I have to get back to work."

"Have fun…" he teased.

"You too, just not too much fun," she joked, knowing odds were high he was at some club somewhere. "But I'll call you later," she stood up ran her hand through her hair.

"Ok…" he tossed a look up to see his friend waving him over. "And Raine…"


"I'll see you soon," he grinned really excited about that.

"See you soon," she smiled, biting hard on her lip before shaking her head. Whispering a quick goodbye before hanging up her phone, sliding it back in her pocket before returning back to work.

Pulling into the long driveway of his home, the blonde killed his engine as he looked up at the wooden home. It was a perfect home, took three years to get it all the way she wanted so it better be perfect. The dark wood, the stone that lined around it, the high porch on the side that looked over the small lake that took him years to find just to make her happy. And the flowers, the stupid flowers he hated yet still would go around and buy every year just because she loved them.

He remembered that day, it was burned into him memory and he didn't know why. Maybe it was because the way the sun shined on her face, maybe it was because like always he got a glimpse of the amazing mother she was or maybe it was because just like many times before, she did something that day that made him fall in love with her all over again. He didn't know, he just knew one thing and that was, "I hate these fucking flowers," he grumbled, resisting the urge to kick them as he walked up the walkway and towards the front door. Sliding the key in the lock, he pushed down the latch before pushing open the heavy oak door and walking inside.

The warmth of his house hitting him in the face as he followed the all too familiar laughter down the hall. Feeling his chest tighten at the scene in front of him, an all too familiar scene for him. The fire in the corner, the movie playing across the TV screen, cuddling on the couch with the old worn blanket he constantly complained was too hot and itchy but agreed only because she loved it so much. Yet the only difference in those scenes and this one…well those scenes had him on the couch and not some tool he wanted to knock out every time he saw him.

"I don't know," her voice tickled his ears in a way he knew she wasn't too excited about something, she faked it, that he could tell but the true answer was she didn't want too. "I'll think about it, talk to Benji and see," she forced a fake smile and got a nod from the other person.

"Well, let me know," he flashed a smile Colton thought was just stupid looking. "I really want them to meet the kids," he reached over, brushing her hair back and Colton's fist tightened.

"Daddy!" his knee caught as he glanced down at the gorgeous brunette girl looking up at him. His head jerking up to see another pair of familiar eyes glaring into him as she slowly slid back on the couch.

"Hey baby girl," he awkwardly cleared his throat as he picked her up in his arms. "You have a good day?"

"Yes!" she grinned, lifting her top lip to show a hole. "I lost my tooth today," she wiggled her tongue through the gap making him chuckle.

"Awesome," he held up his hand and she gave it a five.

"Benji said the tooth-fairy is coming again," the eyes identical to her mother's eyes got real big with excitement before dying down again, still holding that little six year old light.

"Ariel …" the voice stern making her pop her head to the side. "Why don't you go get your bag? I'm sure your daddy has plans tonight."

"Ok…" she wiggled from his arms, taking off towards the steps and skipping all the way to the top.

"Colton," her eyes dropped in the corners as she looks up at him, him knowing that look all too well.

"Tenley…" he mocked with that smirk tugging on his lips, knowing it usually got him out of trouble, and watching as she shook her head before rolling her eyes at him.

"Benji's at practice," she mumbled, walking into the kitchen.

"You know," he stood from the couch, walking over with his hands in his pockets. "It's probably best you don't just walk in without knocking," his dark brow bounced up and Colton's blood raced through his veins.

"It's my house," he reminded him, his fist tightening. "I can kinda do what I chose in it."

"Yeah," he chuckled, scratching the corner of his brow. "Well sooner or later you might chose to come in at the wrong time," he smirked and Colton took a step back, truly trying to control himself in that moment. Knowing he wanted nothing more than destroy this guy.

"Nick…" her voice came back, both heads snapping to look at her. "I think you should probably go," she stated, honestly proud of Colton in that moment. Her not at all missing the little snide comments.

"Alright," he walked over, giving her a kiss that made her freeze and Colton cringe. "Call me later," he winked, catching the glare from Colton as he headed out the door.

"Prize…" Colton mumbled, getting a glare from the girl who held his heart for so long before she stormed towards the living room.

"What he said was wrong, but you really should knock," she snipped, grabbing the glasses from the table and taking them towards the kitchen.

"I should knock," he let out a bitter laugh. "Alright Tenley, when that tool starts paying the mortgage, and all the other bills I will knock, until then it's still my fucking house. If I want to sleep in the damn basement I can and no one can say shit."

"Don't curse at me, Colton Wells," she thrust her finger in his face, her jaw locking as anger built inside her. "This is just as much my house as yours."

"Didn't say it wasn't, but this is sure as hell isn't his," he threw his finger towards the door. "And he isn't the father to my children."

"I never said he was," her face scrunched up confused. "Did he say that? Did he make a comment about that?" she wondered, not hearing that part of the conversation and her never being ok with that. Even if she and Colton weren't alright, she would never let someone else try to take the place in their kids' lives, their kids loved him.

"They're my kids," his teeth gritted, really not wanting to discuss one of his latest conversation with Nick, them all really so fun. "I just want that known."

"I know…" she nodded. "I know they are…"

"This is my house, Tenley," he grabbed the blanket from the couch, folding it up. "My kids, my family, my wife," he made his point clear and watched the pain flash over the woman before him.

"I know that Colton," she reached up, placing her hand on the blanket and felt as his brushed against hers. "I'm not the one who forgot…" she frowned, taking the blanket from him and heading down the hall to her room. Really not wanting to fight with him again.

"Ten…" he frowned, slowly shuffling his feet to her room, their room. Her standing at her dresser, slipping off all her jewelry and his heart hurt at the missing piece on a certain finger. "I'm sorry…" he apologized, walking over to her, his hands placing on the dresser, trapping her between his body and the wooden dresser.

Her pulling in shaky breathes trying to calm herself. Trying the best she could not to get upset again, she was so tired of crying over something he just didn't seem to want to change.

"Let me come home," he pleaded, burying his face in her neck, feeling as she swallowed hard. "Please…" he begged, her eyes burning with tears as she felt the pain rip through her chest. "Baby…" he wrapped his arms around her, turning her body to face him. "I've been messing up, I know," he tilted her chin up to look at him. "But let me come home and we will figure everything out."

"You haven't proven anything," her voice shook, shaking her head. "You keep saying you will, keep promising to change but nothing has changed Colton…nothing," she shook her head, a tear slipping out making his heart hurt. "How am I supposed to believe this time will be any different than the rest?"

"I don't know," he dropped his head and gave it a shake. Knowing he really didn't have a way to prove anything to her, she was right. He promised so many times to change, she would let him come home and after a few weeks he would fall back into the routine he always kept. The routine that seemed to completely forget her and the children she knew he loved.

"I can't do this anymore," her hand reached up, taking his and pulling it from her. "So please stop asking me too," she shook her head, walking over and locking herself in the bathroom.

"Daddy…" he pulled his eyes from the door to see the spitting image of the thing he loved most. "Mommy ok?" her big gorgeous eyes widened and her bottom lip started to tremble.

"Yeah baby girl," he walked over, scooping her up in his arms. "She just had to go to the bathroom," he forced himself a smile. "But do you have all your stuff?" he poked her belly and she giggled, the noise sounding almost like music to him.

"Yup! I packed it all by myself," she informed him proud. "Didn't I Mommy?" Colton turned to see the woman behind him, her eyes red and his heart hurt.

"Yeah, you did," she cleared her throat. "But come give me a hug. I'm sure you need to get going," she said, her little girl wiggling from her father's arms and taking off towards her.

"You can come eat dinner with us," Colton suggested, him just wanting her so bad to come.

"Will you Mommy?" Ariel looked up at her, those eyes always getting her, so much like her father's do.

"Not tonight," she frowned, really wishing Colton didn't put her in positions like this. She hated when he would do that, suggest some family time and she hated even more the looks on her children's faces when she said no. It wasn't fair for her; she always looked like the bad guy.

"Why?" Ariel's bottom lip trembled, not at all understanding what was happening anymore. Not getting why her daddy didn't stay at home, or why her mommy was always sad and why everything was just different. She didn't like different.

"Mom isn't feeling so great Arie," the deep voice making the room turn, to see the young man who was so much like his father it was slightly scary. He looked like his mother in mostly every way. His hair, his bone structure and even the small freckle on her shoulder, but he was his father. He moved like him, spoke like him and had his broody attitude, his smile and laugh, his grey eyes. There was never any doubt in anyone's mind he belonged to Colton Wells. "But maybe next time," he gave his sister a gentle smile and she slowly nodded. "I'm going to go grab my stuff," Benji spoke to his father who nodded.

"Ok…" Colton held back the smile, knowing it was rare his son came to spend the weekend with him. It wasn't though they didn't get along, even with everything they were still extremely close but he knew it was strained too. Benji was a teenager, seventeen and starting his senior year of high school. Shipping between mommy and daddy's house every other weekend was something Colton understood, he didn't want to do.

At first it crushed him, mainly because at first Benji was upset, he was hurt because not only did Colton lose track of his relationship with his wife, he also did with his children. However over the year it was slowly improving, Colton just learned not to push.

"Arie, can you help me? My bag is really big, I don't know if I can lift it alone," he faked a struggle and her whole face lite up, loving any time she got to spend with her big brother.

"I can do that!" she skipped over to him, taking his large hand that swallowed hers and followed him up the stairs.

"Sorry…" he looked over at her when the children disappeared.

"Yeah…you always are," she let out a dry laugh and shook her head. "Have a good dinner Colton. I'll see you Sunday," she walked past him. Trying the best she could to ignore the shiver that tingled down her spine at the feel of his body near hers. Trying the best she could to remind herself she wasn't wrong.

Sliding across her kitchen Raine shook some spices in the large red pot as she listened to the music. She was in a good mood, amazing one might say and she knew she was smiling like an idiot. She couldn't help it. Next weekend. Two weeks. Fourteen days. And she would see him, touch him, talk to him. Hear his laugh and see his eyes sparkle in a way she's only imagined. It was perfect.

"Oh," she slid to her phone sitting on the counter when she heard it blasting. "Hello?" she licked the sauce from her finger and trapped the phone between her shoulder and ear.

"Hi…" his voice slurred as he leaned against the wall beside him.

"Well, hello," she glanced at the clock blinking three a.m. and accounted the time difference for him. "Little late on calling…"

"Oh," he pulled his phone from his face to see the time and frowned. "Fuck time difference. I didn't wake you did I?"

"No, I just got off work about an hour ago. Was making me something to eat," she turned down the stove and sat down on her stool.

"I don't think I like you working in a bar dealing with assholes all night like me and my friends," he stared at his friends flirting with the bartender who was leaning across the bar smirking. He knew they got special attention, he wasn't stupid, but it still bothered him to think Raine had to deal with that. Especially since he had seen some real tools at bars before.

"They aren't that bad, honestly," she inspected an apple on her counter and sunk back in her seat. "You sound to be having a fun night…"

"Yeah, it's EJ's birthday. We took him out; I'm supposed to be taking care of them…"

"You yourself sounds like you need to be taking care of…drink a little too much, babe?" she wondered and he fell silent on the other end. "James? You still there?"

"Fuck…" he inhaled a sharp breath as he rolled into the wall and squeezed his eyes tight. "I wish you were here right now."


"What are you wearing?"

"James, how cliché is that line?" her brow arched as she bit her smile.

"I'm drunk and all the guys around me are hooking up…humor me please…"

"Just a large white t-shirt," she looked at the white fabric and shrugged. There wasn't much to it, just her apartment got hot and she lived alone. Plus, she hated pants.

"Underwear?" his voice rough and she remained quiet on the other end. "Fuck me…"

"I'm kidding, of course I have underwear on," she giggled and rolled her eyes as she pulled her shirt over one of her legs.

"Tease…" he growled and loved the giggle she once again released. "Damn it Raine…. I bet you feel so damn good…taste even better…""

"James…" her breath caught as she twisted in her seat. "Don't say stuff like that…"

"Why? You don't like it?"

"No, I just…" her eyes closed as she imagined him in her mind. She had seen him, hell a good portion of the world had. His strong hands that she imagined running down her body and his toned body pressed against hers, his rough voice whispering in her ear as he touched her. All of it drove her mad. But as much as it thrilled her to actually feel all that, part of it petrified her. "You're killing me…"

"I want you so damn bad, baby," he twisted against the wall and cut his eyes at his friends. Them all laughing and a few making out with random girls. He wanted that; however he wanted that with Raine. He connected with her unlike anyone he had ever met and it was crazy to him because he hadn't ever met her.

"I feel these next two weeks are going to feel like a lifetime…" she frowned and closed her eyes as she listened to his breathes on the other end. "You'll text me when you get home?"

"It will probably be really late…"

"I don't care…even if I sleep through it, I just want to wake up and see the text. It will make me feel better…Don't want to flip on the news to hear something happened to you."

"Unlikely," James chuckled as he ran a hand through his short dark hair. "I hope you sleep well, Sweet Girl."

"I hope you do too…" she bit her lip and paused. She hated saying goodbye to him. She didn't know why but every time she did she feared might be the last. That after a while he would get tired of the back and forth conversations over the phone, the never seeing each other. He was a well-known guy, he could have any girl he wanted and they had been doing this for almost a year. Sooner or later he was going to be over it. "Bye James…"

"Bye baby…" he paused a moment before clicking off.

"Bye…" she repeated looking at her phone before hanging it up and finishing her dinner. Still really not enjoying the empty feeling she got every time the phone call ended.

So hope you all enjoyed and just want to state this will be mostly a Raine story but at the beginning I'll have Tenley and Colton just until I pull James in more...also anyone catching a hint here? Wink wink…nudge nudge...


I don't know, I'm weird…

PS Don't worry to much about Tenley and Colton...I mean everyone knows life happens and couples drift...but they will be ok, no worries. I mean, most people who have divorces at one point really loved their spouse...stuff just happens...and no Colton nor Tenley cheated and they have been 'separated' for two years...which is why Raine was so sad in the first chapter about talking about her brother and one died...