Matchmakers From Heaven

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Sunny Morning today. Perfect.

I trotted into the school courtyard with a bunch of books in my hand, a scarf covered my wild happy grin and I wore the school's sweater today. I giggled a bit.

"Let's see who else is looking for a good matchmaking today." I grinned.

I waited in the schoolyard and read through some of the shoujo manga my cousin leant me on a clean bench under a tree. I read through each and every page and made sure to suck in the romance being emitted. I love being a matchmaker. It's what I've wanted to be ever since I was little. I have this talent that I absolutely adorn. It's an ability that is absolutely perfect for matchmakers.

My special ability is to see a person's crush without them telling me and to see their ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. It's a very useful gift. It's great for blackmail too. Hehehe.

It was currently 8:00 judging from my watch. School should start in another hour. The boys on the basketball team should be finishing practice soon. I smile as I look at my watch. It had a cute picture of an angelic heart in the background and bubbly writing of numbers on the clock. The hands began to tick.

1… 2… 3… Now!

I ran straight through the doors of the school and into the school sports fields. Basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, the usual. I made my way over to the basketball courts that were fenced. I held onto the fence wiring and watched the coach give the team a final word before telling them to leave. I watched the team single file out of the basketball courts and watched as they praised my matchmaking skills.

"Thanks so much Kokura-chan!" one of the members of the basketball team with golden locks and blue eyes (foreigner) called out.

"Yeah, my relationship is going so well with Keiko-chan!" Another cried with silver-ish hair and blue eyes.

I smiled and waved back. "Anything to help with love."

Oh, I think it's about time I introduced myself. My name is Kokura Mayumi. I'm a metre and sixty five with brown hair and brown-ish eyes.

Finally my best friend Tsukaima Riku walked out through the gate, sweaty like always. He nibbled on grape jelly which was probably today's breakfast. Riku-kun tends to have weird things for breakfast.

One time he had bread and baked sardines on Monday, fruit salad with baked nuts on Thursday and one time he had a slice of peanut butter cake on Friday.

Riku had auburn hair with bits of hair out of place. His hair is always messy, especially after basketball. He had soft blue eyes he got from his French mother who is currently overseas. Riku was about ten centimetres taller than me and he always had a foolish grin on his face or a sad baby like pout. At first sight, Riku looks like a strong, tall and mature boy when on the inside, he's nothing but a little kid waiting to grow up.

I admired Riku the very first time we talked to each other.

"Hi Mayumi-chan! Hehehe." Riku smiled after gulping down his jelly.

I smiled softly. "You got your mouth dirty again." I pulled a napkin out from my pocket and wiped the remains of the jelly away from the corners of his mouth. "Seriously, what would you do without me?" I smiled.

Riku and I were used to this routine. He tends to be a messy eater and can never see the mess he makes on his face, so he always relied on me to wipe away the mess. Riku also had a special ability which is used for matchmaking.

The power of convincing.

My ability was to see the love in people's hearts.

Riku's ability is to convince those people about that love.

The two of us are the matchmakers in the school. Riku smiled. I had to stand on my tip toes and he bent down slightly. Pat-pat-pat. I pat his head and the two of us entered the school. Students were already crowding the school corridors and Riku and I found it best to collect our books from our lockers before anything else. The two of us talked about a brand new schedule for matchmaking on our way to our lockers. We only got into the business a couple of days ago and we're the biggest news in the school.

"So I was thinking about getting to tell us who they like at the moment and tell them their compatibility with that person." I suggested.

Riku nodded with a serious-childish face. "Mayumi-chan could easily work with that right?" He smiled sticking his tongue out.

I nodded. Suddenly I saw a flash of white light and saw a small scene. Probably a projection from Riku's heart.

I saw a tall woman with long brown hair in a plait that fell down her left shoulder. She had soft brown eyes and wore a summer dress. Beside her was a man with auburn hair like Riku's and the soft childish eyes he had. The two of them looked so happy together, walking hand-in-hand in the middle of a spring field.

"Come one Riku-kun!" the woman giggled.

"Coming Mayumi-chan!" Riku cried back.

The words hit me like a silver bullet. It stung.

"Mayumi-chan? Mayumi-chan?" I woke up from my daydream or reading Riku's heart, whichever, to find him waving his hand in front of my eyes. "Are you dazing out? Found a new match?" he asked.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "I'm not sure what I saw exactly." I replied.

Riku frowned. "Let's just quickly get our stuff and prepare for today."

I nodded. "Let's go."

I entered the second hallway on the third floor to the right of the art class, to find a long row of lockers. Riku and I shared a locker since he couldn't afford one at the moment. We collected our required books and locked up the door to the locker.

The two of us made our way into the music room where we mainly do our 'thang'. I looked through a big pink book which contained most of our pairings in. I also doodled a bit. Hehehe. Guilty.

Today's date was written in the corner. 15/6/2013.

Riku picked up a guitar and began strumming. This music room was abandoned and its instruments were scheduled for removal but they never did remove them. The principal completely forgot about this room after he built a new larger music room with lots of instruments and a wooden miniature stage. I would know. I take music.

Riku played a random song and began singing. I knew this song very well. Ohio Himawari! It was the song I sang to him the first day we met. But that story can wait til another day.

"Song requests?" Riku asked.

I smiled as I scanned my book. "Ohio Himawari?" I murmured.

He smiled. "Again?"


He smiled and began strumming again. He sung beautifully to the melody and I hummed as well. I lost track of what I was doing thanks to that. Eventually a group of girls came in and blushed at the sight of Riku. Oh yeah. I should mention, Riku's a popular boy in the school. He has tons of fan girls. Like, loads. Most of the crushes I see are mainly about him. No surprise there. Riku's cute, funny, sweet, strong and over all loyal. He's a great boyfriend to have, but I don't ever plan on going that far with him. That story I saw Riku's heart play was very… new. Unexpected even.

"U-um hi Riku-kun." One girl from my class, Chieko, stuttered. "Hello Kokura-san." Chieko smiled.

"Hey! Wanna find your match or compatibility?" I asked with a goofy smile.

Chieko hesitated. Riku gave a reassuring smile. "Mayumi-chan is the best around. You'll find no one better than her." Riku smiled.

"Um… if that's so, I'd like to check my compatibility with this person." Chieko smiled softly.

This is how I check compatibility. It's simple. If you're checking for compatibility with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you have to bring a photo of him/her and the date the two of you started dating. If you wanna check out your compatibility with a crush you have, a photo of them is required and the day you first fell in love with them.

Chieko and the other girls were instantly convinced (thanks to Riku) and Chieko took out a photo of the boy she'd like to check her compatibility with. I looked at the photo and there was no surprise that Riku's goofy face was printed on it. The date Chieko first fell in love with him was also on another separate piece of paper. I grinned.

"Riku huh? You might actually get lucky." I smiled.

I looked carefully at the photo and at the date and the numbers began forming in my mind. I began writing out the numbers subconsciously and there they were in black and white.


"Ohhh. Better luck next time." I smiled.

Chieko seemed disappointed. "Uh… it's okay Kokura-san. I know you tried hard." Chieko tried hard not to be sad.

I sighed. "It's okay. Don't worry."

Riku smiled. "Maybe I just wasn't the one." He said, trying to sound disappointed. But he couldn't hide how relieved he was.

Chieko's friends began lining up and I gave them matches with different boy in the school. Only another girl checked their compatibility and the got lower than Chieko.


I guess Chieko felt slightly pleased?

Once the girls left the room, one boy entered. "I hear this is the domain of the legendary matchmakers, Mayumi and Riku." A sharp but sweet voice sounded.

The voice was kinda like a lemon candy. It's sweet but once you're finished it bites you in the end.

"Yeah! Compatibility or matchmaking?" I asked.

He smiled. "Compatibility if you will." He grinned.

The boy had dark black hair with a hair clip pinning the small amounts of hair on the left side. His hair way quite messy but it looked kinda cute. His clothes were neat and fashionable which I find really stunning. He was like a cute gangster in a way.

"Um… okay compatibility." I murmured. "Do you have a picture and date?"

He grinned. "Of course."

He took out his phone and took a quick picture. I blinked my eyes because the sudden flash was just blinding. "What?"

He also quickly jotted down a date of when he fell in love. He threw his phone on the table I sat at and the date sat there.

My eyes widened.

The picture was of me.

15/6/2013….. the date he fell in love…..

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