I hear these voices in my head
They're everywhere and they won't let me sleep.
I can't make out much of the words they say,
Please stop, oh please do. I need to get some sleep.

I gasp at the slightest touch
'What do you want sir?' I often ask.
Then I back off a little but not that much,
I just want to distance myself from any attack.

Stares like blades spike my back,
I can already imagine them spilling my own blood.
To leave it to rot 'till it becomes hard and black,
My lifeless body trembles while they laugh and nod.

Screaming as I awake, I banged my head on a glass.
I gasp, I was shocked. I'm already locked inside!
Encased in a box under the dirt and a rotten carcass-
A casket! I shiver to take heaven or hell's ride.

No, I don't want this, please leave me alone!
How can I drown my demons when they know how to swim?
My limp body shivers useless like a drone,
I'm helpless. The sun above me shines so dim.

I hear these voices again and they spoke,
In layers of overlapping sounds echo through
My bedroom. I'm still scared from all of what they said.
I'll just close my eyes and say to myself "it's all in my head, it's all in my head."