I've seen dark and gloomy sunshines.
The moon seems to light up the world,
It renders the sun useless in most ways,
Believe me, I've been to brighter days.

Can't you see this grin on my face?
Maybe if I print it in paper you can.
All the load seems to be lifted away
Goes to show I've really been to brighter days.

People I meet everyday, they're happy.
So why shouldn't I be too?
Well, I always am and oftentimes I do get high.
No, I'm sober but I always feel like a kid whenever I see your smile.

I could write you a thousand verses
But I think it would be vain and rendered worthless.
I'll just sum it up in but a few words,
Hey, I like you. Can you be mine forever?

There are things I would love to do
But time won't let me and I can't complain.
As much as I would love to, I've already been to brighter days.
I've seen better smiles, I've met you and I think that's more than enough.