Here We Go Again

Here we go again

I pause

As I walk into the room

You're there

Looking so beautiful.

It hurts

That I can't tell you so

Avert my eyes

And talk to someone else.


Here we go again

I smile

It's shy, as though I

Don't know

If I have the right

To smile

At catching your eye.

Look down

And try to slow my heart.


Here we go again

I breathe

Slowly as you talk

To me

Brain racing through

The calm

That graces my face

For you

It's all for you.


Here we go again

The hours

Of sitting so very close

So close

But not quite touching

Not quite

Aware of how every inch

Of me

Is tingling from proximity.


Here we go again

I sigh

Why does everything

I know

About myself


Whenever you

Walk by?

I just shrink back, out of sight.


Here we go again

I flinch

At the slightest brush

Of hands.

Or my stomach flips

When you

Breathe a curse out loud.

I think

Of how pathetic I am.


Here we go again

At night

I whisper to the dark

I know

You cannot hear but

I like

To think there is maybe



Anything at all

That makes you think of me

When all

Of this world reminds me

Of you.