Mending Fences

Let's mend fences
Or not
Let's destroy them
And build them up again
This time let's make sure that no one but you and I can cross over
Let's promise each other that no fence-sitter can break it

Under the baggage they've collected over years
Let's rebuild what was strong and grand
Into something grander and stronger
Into something that'll last
Something durable
So that, years from now, you and I can step back and admire our handiwork.

Author's Note: To my muse- in memory of all the times we spoke, and the week that we didn't. While it lasted, I cherished your friendship best.

Hello dear readers, I know I said that I was on hiatus- well, I was for the past three months and two days. But I need to be back. I'm in a very bad place with almost everything; and I need to write and share.

Review, please! I shall review back if it isn't M Rated.