you are so very close
physically only metres far
but it couldn't be more wrong
this is why we are wide apart

I've never dreamed that someone
Like you would capture my heart
For the simple reason that in the world we live
People won't accept us even if we utterly click

It's slightly funny when you think about it
Contemplating others while the feelings're rather platonic
You're on my mind when I go to sleep or wake up
But yor never notice my smile whenever you show up

Though, You're my deepest secret ever
And I hide it from the whole world
I want you so much that I could scream,
And the urge to kiss you is hard to bear

They would take me for mental as I always wait
workdays to come by just to see your angelic face
Be there daylight or the shining stars at night
Nothing can be compared to what you do with my heart

When you touched her lips instead of mine
I was not sure whether I should cry
Or take it as one of my many bad lucks
And accept "being in love" for me is sucks.