The Death Of A Nobody
By: Kitty/Shino Tenshi

I once woke up. And realized something was different. Everybody seemed down, and sad. I had no
idea why, cause when I asked them they wouldn't answer me. It was like I wasn't there. I offered
a crying shoulder, but nobody listened to me. [I was being ignored like I usually was.] The bell
rang, and everybody went to their classes. Me as always something calls my attention and I'm late
for class. No matter how early I seem to arrive. I was in the same classroom, yet it wasn't the
same. With the same people, yet they weren't the same. I wondered if somebody had an accident,
yet I received no response. I began to feel my worse like everyday, yet this pain didn't seem to
have an effect on me. I wasn't depressed or sad I just felt...... numb. It was an usual feeling
for me. [After being ignored so much you learn to accept that you'll never be like them.]

The teacher didn't call out my name, I probably was too late. The teacher told us all to stand up
and put our heads down to pray. It had been a long time since we've done this. I never really
liked doing it. You can call me lazy all you want but I don't like being forced to believe in
something that they have no proof that [exists.] Afterwards, we all sat down. Like normally
nobody talked to me. It seemed like I wasn't even there. Even people that I thought I'd never see
angry/sad, were just spacing off with tears in there eyes. I leaned over and asked what was wrong
again.... [No Response.]

We went to our other class, that's when I noticed my best friend crying uncontrallibly in her
seat. I went over and placed my hand on her back, rubbing in a conforting manner, yet... Again,
like I wasn't there. She kept mumbling things on her lips. I couldn't make out what it was. But,
I knew it had something to do with me. I tried smacking her in the back to see if she would snap
outta that damn trance... and you wouldn't believe... [MY HAND WENT RIGHT THROUGH HER!!] I gasped
in fear and I stared at my hand. What the hell was wrong with me!? I stumbled backwards and I
would've thought I knocked something over but like the hand I just went right through it and fell
on the ground... No... It CAN'T BE!! ..... I was dead. This was me, wandering around.... Just
like any other day. I gulped, tears forming in my eyes. I was dead. I didn't even know...

All I did, was stand up and run away. I covered my face in shame, screaming nonsense as I ran. I
just went right through everything. I reached my place of calm, were I could cry and nobody would
say anything. I cried frantically, I WAS DEAD!! ...... Guess the thing I wished and tried to do
so many times before had actually become true... Heh, what irony isn't it. I walked back to my
friend. She was just staring out the door, her eyes red from crying. I bet she was the only who
would remember me. I knew the others were just sad about the tragedy, but... no she was truly
sad that I was gone. Cause like myself I had lost a friend. Somebody to rely on. Then I heard her

"It feels like she's still right here with me......."

And I WILL be....

"For the most part, I didn't bother to excel at school. Most of my education took place after
class, when I escaped into a fantasy world - immersed in role-playing games, reading books like
the Jim Morrison bio "No One Here Gets Out Alive", writing macabre poems and short stories, and
listening to records. I began to appreciate music as a universal healer, an entryway to a place
where I could be accepted, a place with no rules and no judgments."

Marilyn Manson.

I wrote this, cuz... I felt like it at the moment. Wondering if I'll be just become other
people's memories..... Soon to be faded....