You've seen the ugly side of me,

the place no one dares to look.

Despite the way I hide each day

you read me like an open book.

I've never met a person

who just has to see my face;

you always know what I'm feeling

even if I don't leave a trace

We've known each other so long

yet each day feels so new.

I barely remember a laugh or smile

that wasn't caused by you.

A/N: This is a short one, sorry (there was a line limit; I'll probably make it longer later because I think the ending is a little awkward). We had to write a love poem for my English II class and I'm gonna have to read this in front of people I know and I'm legit-ly freaking out. Anyone whose been reading my stuff for awhile knows that I NEVER let people I know read what I write. It's like a law. So wish me luck? Yes? No? Bye? D:

*UPDATE* The teacher decided to change the assignment guidelines. We were allowed to write a poem based from a book characters perspective, so I decided to write a poem from Gale to Katniss to spare myself the suffering of reading this to the class. I don't currently have a FanFiction account, but I may make one and post it there. If I do, I'll link it in my profile page, so check it out and see :)