Sometimes , Amaroq went to the tavern in Olo town for a drink. It was close to forest woods , miles north of where he had ran into Maria. It was there that his right hand man , Omar served as his anchor to the real world , for which he was grateful. Amaroq often drank vodka. It burned his throat , but drowned out all the bothersome voices in his head.

The tavern smelled of vomit and beer , with men laughing away mirthfully. Amaroq sat at the bar , his back hunched over.

" Hey man , how you doin' ? "

Amaroq sighed.

" Alright."

The dark-skinned man frowned . " You sure man ? " He had known Amaroq since high school in the 2000s and could tell by now when the guy was lying.

" Yeah , " lied Amaroq, his eyes directed down at the black counter. He heard a woman giggling. Like an angel. It was smooth as honey and his heart suddenly ached. Amaroq wanted to turn around , to see it was indeed that woman from so long ago..

But he dared not.


That laugh was in Amaroq's dream. And it was in his nightmares. Haunting him. Reminding him of his helplessness.

Clearing his throat , Amaroq said , " I want to make a name for myself Omar , you know ? I have to show this world that I'm not some pussy , that I'm not weak. "

Omar nodded.

" You want respect ? "

Amaroq smirked.

" No , I want fear. " It was better to be feared than loved.

" No one is scared of you Amaroq , " Omar pointed out. The young man frowned.

" Don't remind me. " Everyone saw him as a joke.

" So how are you going to gain fear ? "

" Control , " Amaroq answered , " authority. I need to convince people I am in charge and that I am not to be challenged. "

Omar shook his head.

" First , you'd have to get control. Where in the world would you get that opportunity ? "

Amaroq thought of the wolf and how it hunted deer. It bided its time , watching from the darkness and looked for the weakest of the herd – the old , sick , and young. It did not go for the strongest for its risk of defeat was too great. Always , the wolf looked for the weakest to attack and kill for its meal.

In this way , Amaroq was like the wolf. Stalking the most vulnerable , the ones he could easily manipulate.

" I'd have to find someone with authority but with a flaw , a flaw I could milk for what its worth. Someone stupid , ill , or naïve. Gain their trust... and well you know the rest my friend. "

Omar never ceased to be amazed by Amaroq's cunning. He was eager to trample over others to reach his own goals. He wished he had Amaroq's determination. Maybe he would've been a wealthy merchant and not a lowly bartender.

" You are one cruel bastard Amaroq. One cruel bastard " Omar exclaimed but without ill will. He was not surprised.

" The real world is cruel. It's a war between the strong and weak. The rich and poor. I want to be amongst the rich and strong not the poor and crippled. "

Poverty and powerlessness had plagued him some years now. Poverty kept him dirty and hungry once. It was humiliating and for all the world to see. But powerlessness had always followed him since he was a child. In Amaroq's eyes , it was far worse than poverty.

It all began with that woman , tormenting him , reminding him that he could do nothing to stop her – that Amaroq was to accept her commands without question.

Clearing his throat , Amaroq said , " I want to make a name for myself Omar , you know ? I have to demonstrate to this world that I'm not some pussy , that I'm not weak. "

Omar nodded.

" Maybe want you want really want is respect . "

Amaroq smirked.

" No , I want fear. " Amaroq was quite sure he wanted to inspire terror in people's hearts. Respect ? What a illusion ! A filthy lie to keep the meek under the boots of the strong. He had no followers now.

But it would be through influence, authority over people that Amaroq would finally get what he wanted- power for once in his life. Fear was far longer lasting than love. Only through domination over others would he no longer have to bow his head and suffer at the mercy of others.

That woman had taught him that. The Woman who so " loved " him but tortured him for his whole childhood. She took his foolish hopes and dreams and crushed them along with his innocence. Everyone claimed that she would never harm him , that such a thing was below her. Yet , The Woman had put him through unspeakable things. The Woman was beautiful on the outside but hid an ugly , darkness inside her soul. She showed Amaroq the truth , in her vile and brutal way slowly breaking his heart into pieces , disturbing his mind until finally Amaroq...