He left the tavern late and wandered over to Stacy's house. It was at the outskirts of town, outside the safety of its walls. Stacy had let Amaroq stay – not that she had a choice in the matter. He offered her protection , which she gladly accepted.

" It's scary living out here, " explained the 21 year old.

Stacy was a good cook and hostess. She made sure he was as comfortable as possible. Amaroq liked that she was afraid of him. It went a long way to getting what he wanted from Stacy. So far, it was nothing too serious. The young man often demanded vodka , food , and use of the house for meetings with his friends.

He knocked on the blue front door and Stacy opened it.

" Amaroq."

She wore only a bra and panties to Amaroq's discomfort.

" Come in , " she urged and stepped to the side.

" Riggght..." replied Amaroq awkardly. He hurried inside , lest someone see him with the scantily clad girl. He dived on to the living room couch and Stacy grinned.

" You hungry ? "

He shrugged.

" Not really."

Vodka was his sustenance, his food. As if reading his thoughts Stacy asked, " You only had vodka all day ? "

" Not all day. In the evening at the tavern." She only rolled her eyes.

" That ain't real food. Not at all. " Stacy paused in thought. " I'll make you some steak and potatoes... ooo also - "

" Just cook Stacy, " Amaroq ordered, cutting of the older woman.

Stacy closed her mouth , muttering under her breath. He turned away and heard the clang and bang of pots and pans. He could hear the hiss of oil and smelled cooking meat.

Sometimes he hated Stacy. The troublesome thoughts her presence brewed in his mind. Stacy was not drop dead gorgeous but she was attractive. He would be lying if he said otherwise. Despite Stacy often being damn near naked , her body stirred no interest in him. No woman his age or older ever did.

Amaroq accepted that he felt some attachment , almost an fondness for Stacy but in a platonic way. That attachment could never be sexual. Not to her or any other female on the planet. He wished it didn't have to be this way. That he was attracted to women his age . Then Amaroq would be normal , " good " and not some sick freak. " Hey 'Roq ? You look down, " Stacy noted.

" Just give me a plate of food, " he grumbled , ignroing her comment. Stacy sighed but made a plate of steak , string beans , and potatoes. She left it on the kitchen counter. Amaroq rose from his seat to get it . He politely made his way to the dining room table – it was one of the very few requests of Stacy that he followed.

" So , what are you doing tommorow ?" She sat across from him , her own plate in front of her. She tied back her red hair with a scrunchie on her wrist , to avoid getting the silky tresses into her food.

" Visiting a little girl." He smiled a bit and Stacy leaned in , interested.

" And who is she ?" Stacy inquired. Her hazel eyes were bright in excitement.

" Maria. She's miles from here."

Stacy leaned back in her chair , folding her arms under her breasts.

"You ran off to her ?

He narrowed his eyes.

" Excuse me ?"

" I mean, " Stacy elaborated, "is that why you are gone for weeks at a time ?"

He threw back his head and laughed.

"Idiot. I met her about three days ago. There was an entirely seperate manner I was focused on. It is not yet of your concern."

" Yet ?" He started stuffing his mouth with potatoes, realizing the more he talked the colder his food would get.

" Yes Stacy."

He volunteered no more information and Stacy did not dare to continue the conversation. She instead ate her meal in silence , as did he , her brow furrowed.

Amaroq finished his last bit of steak and rose up, leaving his plate on the table.

Stacy had no right to poke her nose into his buissness. The deal was she would receive his protection and in return provide him with basic neccesities- nothing less , nothing more.

" Amaroq ?" called Stacy from the table.

" Ya ?"

"Tell Maria I said hi. And oh another thing." " WHAT ? " huffed Amaroq his hands in the air. She was such a bother.

" Will I ever meet her ?"

Amaroq scratched his head in thought.

"Soon," he finally said. And with that , he retired for the night with a smile on his face.