Why is it that we say boy meets girl?

Why aren't the other combinations allowed to swirl?

Boys loving boys is perfectly fine

So why shouldn't they be allowed to intertwine

A girl's love for a girl can be undeniably true

So why create barriers they must struggle through?

And boy meets girl, what of girl meets boy?

Girls aren't the only ones who can be coy

What right does one have to keep love apart

When the people involved couldn't help it from the start?

Some say homosexuals should separate, they must

Because that's the belief that they've come to trust

If they were to fall in love with the "wrong" gender

Would they get to see that form of love as splendor?

Or would they continue to hate

And wallow in misery cursing their "fate?"

Love can be ecstasy, love can be cruel

Take one to new heights, or play one as a fool

Love enlightens and poisons lives unbiased

Does not consider sex when taking people to their lowest or highest

In the end we're all human, the same

So why must we play this cruel, pointless game?

Sexuality should be embraced, not degraded

And it's past the point where discrimination should've faded

It's just a simple message, one person to another

Please stop the hatred, please cease to smother