Don't Look Back

by: Alexis Alicia DeWitt

[Deep in the woods, three tents pitched, four camping chairs around a homemade firepit, and camping gear sprawled out on the ground.]

Tanya: [Unzips the tent near the left stage exit and stretches while letting out a loud groan. She goes over to one of the bags and pulls out a pot and cooking spoon. She then repeatedly bangs the pot loudly.] Wake up! We've got work to do!

Andy: [groans from inside the tent to the right side of the stage.] Come on Tanya! Please let us sleep!

Nicole and Brian: Yeah let us sleep!

Tanya: Nope! [Bangs pot a couple more times.] Up and at 'em!

Brian: [unzips tent that is on the right side of the stage and then sticks out his head.] Why are you up at this ungodly hour?

Tanya: [giggles] Because we have to fish and gather berries for food.

Brian: [Comes out of tent] Um... Question, didn't we bring food?

Tanya: [giggles a little] Nope!

Brian: [Cocks an eyebrow.] Why not?

Tanya: Because that's not camping silly!

Brian: Isn't this suppose to be our vacation? We have one month before we all split up for college. I just want to relax a little bit. You know sleep in and party with my friends.

Tanya: [Puts her hand on her hip and gives him a look.] Camping is work Brian. You don't have to worry though, we'll have tons of fun. I mean what's more fun than surviving off of mother nature and becoming one with the earth. [bows down while having her palms together]

Brian: You're a dork.

Andy: [comes out the same tent Brian did.] Eh, another question. Do you even know which berries are dangerous and which are safe?

Tanya: [shakes head 'no'] Nope, not at all!

Brian: [Sighs and pinches the bridge out his nose] Then how are we suppose to know which berries to pick?

Tanya: [skips over to one of the back bag and pulls out a book.] Because I brought this! [Does a little dance and waves it in front of the boy's face.]

Brian and Andy: [Look at each other skeptically] Berries that would kill?

Tanya: [nods enthusiastically.] Yuppers!

Nicole: [comes out of the middle tent and stomps over to Tanya.] Why are you waking me up so early!

Tanya: [giggles] Because we've got work to do silly.

Nicole: [face palms and groans. Whines] Why?

Tanya: Because at one point we have to eat food and we don't have any.

Nicole: What!

Andy: Genius here [ Points at Tanya.] decided it's not really camping if we don't get the food for ourselves and live off of mother nature.

Nicole: [Face palms.] I hang out with a complete moron.

Tanya: [pouts] Hey that's not fair, I should be saying that about you guys.

Nicole: [rolls her eyes.] We're not the moron who didn't bring food.

Tanya: [turns her head away from them and begins to fake cry.]

Nicole: [Sighs] For goodness sake. Quit crying.

Brian: Apologize Nikki, that was a little bit too harsh.

Andy: Yeah Nik, she was doing the right thing. We need to practice doing things on our own, we're adults now.

Brian: [grins proudly] But we're immature adults! [pats Andy's back]

Nicole: [Sighs.] I'm sorry Tanya for saying such rude things to your childish soul. [gives Tanya a hug]

Tanya: HA! You hugged me! [does a happy dance.] You said [mocks Nicole's voice] ' I'd have to be held at gunpoint to actually hug you.' [Stick out tongue]

Nicole: [Shoves Tanya back.] You brat!

Brian: [laughs] She got you.

Andy: Alright enough playing around. Brian and I will fish like the men we are. [put a fist over his heart for a symbol of pride.] Tanya and nicole can gather the berries like the little girls you are.

Nicole: [Slowly and angerly stomps over to Andy.] You righteous, arrogant, sexist, jerk! I should rip that tongue of yours right out of your dirty mouth.

Brian: [Pulls Nicole away from Andy and pushes her into Tanya.] Back off Tony the Tiger. I need him to teach me how to fish.

[They all look at him with disbelief.]

Brian: [Shrugs nonchalantly.] What my Dad has been in prison since I was a little boy.

Nicole, Brian, Tanya and Andy: [Shrug together and copy Brian's Bostonian accent.] What ya' gonna do? [They all laugh.]

Nicole: We're such dorks.

Andy: Yeah we are. [Grabs the fishing poles.] Come on Brian let me teach you how to fish my sissy boy.

Brian: Shut up!

[Brian and Andy exit left stage.]

Nicole: [Rolls her eyes.] Come on, we need to get going too.

[Nicole walks off stage right and Tanya grabs a basket and follows Nicole off stage. The dark clothed Assassin enter from stage left.]

Assassin: [Looks through the bags and tents.] I don't get what I'm looking for.

[Nicole and Tanya's voices can be heard. Assassin hides behind the tent in the middle.]

Nicole: I can't believe you forgot that stupid book.

Tanya: You rushed me!

Nicole: How did I - [Face palms.] Nevermind, just get the dumb book so we can get this over with.

Tanya: [picks up the book and waves it in Nicole's face.] This book could save your life one day!

[Tanya exits the stage.]

Nicole: That girl better hope that book will save her from me.

[Exits the stage. And the Assassin comes out to the middle stage.]

Assassin: I could use that girls attitude. I won't really need a cover story. I'll blame it all on her.